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Hunter Motorcycles

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by cruisin4abruisin, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. Ok Guys n Girls, quick question, Anyone here familar with the Hunter range of bikes? 350CC (Daytona, Bobber and Spyder). Would be very interested in hearing other riders thoughts on them.

  2. Don't know much about them except they are apparently an Australian company manufacturing in China. Final assembly would probably be in Australia. The base materials would still be a question mark for me. Others may have more to offer on the subject.
  3. I have been talking to a few others, the feedback seems to be good, and reliability is much better than it was, So I guess I am just looking for any other knowledge as it never really hurts to double check.
  4. I havnt done any research on this brand. I bought 2 'unproven' no name Asian brands, brand new, in last 3 years. cared for them, as good as i possibly could, and still paid the price with SUBSTANTIAL.......warranty claims. big ticket items as well.

    maybe hunter is not going to fall in that category. I hope not. I have seen one and it looked nice and sounded nice. so did my 2 non Japanese brand bikes.......

    good luck if you buy one. I sincerely hope you don't have to set up tent while you wait, and have supplies dropped off at your dealer, like I did.
  5. For the price they charge, you could pick up a ninja 300 or cbr300.
    Not sure what cruisers you could get for that money though.
  6. GattiGatti owned a Hunter and traded it pretty quickly for a Ninja
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  7. IMO they look the goods, but offering hard tail bikes in the LAMS category, again in my opinion is a bit strange. I'm a new road rider, been riding dirt bikes for ages, and I wouldn't ever consider a hard tail for my road learning period.
  8. Thanks everyone, this is all helpful. Please keep it comin,
  9. I looked at the Spyder and for what they are, they're pretty pricey! You could almost pick up a Yamaha XVS650 for what they're asking.

    I like the raked chopper look but hey...its still only a 250! Sat on one at the Motorbike show & it wasn't real comfy as the seat is fairly narrow & hard.

    If you were going to get one I'd say buy second hand. Still $$$ but better than the new price. I'd also test ride them to be sure if its comfy etc.
  10. A mate of mine bought one. After I'd finished laughing at him he told me he'd not had any issues in the 6 months he owned it.
  11. I think that religious show wrapped as a motorcycle show* has something to do with Hunter Motorcycles.

    *Temporary Australians.
  12. I had a Hunter Spyder.

    I couldn't get rid of it fast enough!

    They are Chinese made rubbish.

    Steer clear!
  13. Great, thanks everyone!
  14. I haven't had a Chinese motorbike, but I did get seriously burned by a Chinese outboard boat motor a few years ago. It was a Yamaha copy, just not a very good one. After 2.5 years I gave it away (I had bought it brand new for thousands, and it had a 2 year warranty) and bought a 2001 model 2nd hand Mercury (US made). Like I should have done in the first place.
    Not everyone has had the same experience. Some have had ok service from them. It just seems to be hit and miss. I saw an article in the paper last weekend about how the sales figures of Great Wall utes have fallen off a cliff now they have been around for a while, and that they are falling apart soon after warranty expires. Its like they are disposable after the warranty period.
    Decades ago people said they same about Japanese machinery, then more recently Korean manufacturers - and look at them now - many are setting the benchmarks. The Chinese may get there, but I am not confident they are anywhere near there yet.
    I guess some consumers have to be pioneers - I just hope they are either lucky, or have deep pockets for early replacements.
  15. I just came across these bikes for the first time. They look cool and they're a new company starting out but it's a shame they're doing all the building overseas. If they built them here (I mean they claim to be an Aussie manufacturer) they might be better.

    nice to see other options for learners that want a cruiser though.