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Hunter Hill region....all done

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by wedge, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. Sorry for being such a needy nooby :( , i was wondering if someone could or if your in the area drop in and have a look at this bike for me.
    The bike i have my eye on is located in Petersham and cant be looked at on Sunday, he is avaliable Saturday but he's at his mum's house at Hunter Hill, and theres no train station nearby...leaving a simple minded central coast boy scratching his head and pleading for help.
    I'll be down in sydney on Saturday anyway but cant get to his place.
    If your keen or available (to look at the bike) could you please PM me.
    Thanks everyone, if anone is looking at a surfboard in the future i'm more than willing to assist your surfing needs :grin:

    Found my bike :)
  2. mate simple. catch the 536 from chatswood trainstation (from the street on the western side of the station) and ask the driver to let you off at hunters hill. the bus ends up in gladesville which is the next suburb over. where abouts in hunters hill is the bike exaclty? if its down the peninsular, it'll be a bit of a walk. i can look at it if you like, but im on my p's if its not a lam.
  3. Its a LAM, but the train, bus combo will work i guess. I'll just have wear my walking shoes :)