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Hunter Choppers

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MZ, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. Hi all
    After much reading about the Sachs Madass ( previous post ) I really don`t think It would be suitable for the speeds that I have to be able to maintain on my daily commute to work .
    So now I have seen these Hunter choppers on the net and would like to know has anyone on here got one and could tell me about them .
    I have tried the local dealer but no one has one as I have been told that the first 3 containers have been sold .

  2. They're powered by a Chinese-made Lifan engine, which I believe is a copy of the Honda CB250 engine (which is a 30 year old design).
    Power output is just 13kw, which is pretty pathetic for a 250. All you're really getting is something that can't handle, can't cruise at 100, and costs substantially more than other Chinese made bikes.
  3. Touche.

    If you want a cruiser looking thing, stick with something tried and proven, like a Virago or Intruder.
  4. Ooohhh, careful saying anything nasty about them, last time I did, I got threatened with physical violence by someone who claimed to be the importer.......

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. ^Totally agree. + IMO, the Hunter Choppers look like what I call a 'show bag bike'... all flash on the out side & full of shit on the inside.
    I'd stay well clear.

    Typhoon, just tell the importer to export himself back to china.
  6. The importer put all of his money into this bike so I dare say he may be a little sensitive about criticism. Not that that makes it right in any way.

    Hunter motorcycles was an advertiser on this site for 6 months.

    They agreed that they would give away a bike at the Sydney expo.
    They did all the promo stuff and we contacted the charity and told them of the great news that l proceeds would be forwarded to them.

    Even got to as far as providing the expo people with Vins & engine numbers.

    It's a real shame that that was the final bit of contact from the importer.

    The bike never arrived at the expo, nor did "Blackie" I had to tell the charity that it was "too bad, so sad"

    Nothing personal but if you want to win customers, that is not what you do.

    Ahhh well.....
  7. Oh, I did, don't you worry!
    And oddly enough, I never did get the promised visit at my home by bikies.....
    :roll: Good to see they finally seem to have ADR type approval....12 months after they said they would! :LOL:
    Still don't get the "Japcrap" mentailty on the site though, I guess it shows the age group/socio economic demographic they're aiming for though.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. That's absolutely unacceptable. Glad to hear you told him to stick it.
  9. I'm all for giving Aussie sellers a go, and even putting up with a bit more in regard to quality, but hearing the kind of things that you mentioned really takes away any "good will" I would have afforded them. :shock:
  10. I would like an owners opinion .

    Not just people that have never owner or even ridden guessing on what they are like .
  11. So, you're stil interested, even after hearing first hand what tossers teh people selling/iporting them are?
    Good luck, you'll need it.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. :? Hmm, I hope this isn't another one of those "I've already decided to buy one and just want someone to tell me it's great" threads.
  13. t can be the greatest bike in the world. If the service that is supposed to be behind them is crap then the bike is crap too.

    I'm not saying for a minute that the service is crap as I don't own one and most likely never will but you can smell things before you need to taste them.

    I don't ever want anyone to back their ideas with their life savings/house yadda yadda and loose. I'd extend those thoughts to Boris as well ;)

    But if you make promises, you need to be able to deliver.

    There may have been a very valid reason as to why he failed to deliver a bike, good thing we are geeks and decided to run the raffle electronically and therefore no tickets were printed otherwise I would have been mighty fcuken pissed ;)
  14. Vic, short of boobies or butts that's the first time I've ever smiled while looking at someone's avatar.
  15. When an ex memeber showed me the site for the johnny pag 250 chopper I was impressed. At the time I thought it was a great looking small bike and might be a bit of fun to have as a beach cruiser kind of bike. You know pretty cheap and if it gets knocked about a bit so what.

    As with a lot of things I would seriously have to know a bit more about the importers and their intentions in OZ. The bike doesn't look half as good as it was in the original photos, I guess due to the large speedo and other ADR stuff.

    Shame :cry:
  16. Not sure of the details but in the early days Johnny Pag did talk about looking at putting a larger engine as an option. He did talk about a triumph from memory. Now if you could swap the engine out for a larger capacity down the track [SR500 or 400 would be cool] and assuming the rest of the bike good quality I would have a good look at this as a first bike as it would grow with you. My concerns are the inherrant quality and if it could be made ADR legal I assume it could be done but at what cost. The brakes etc would not be an issue as it is a cruiser :LOL:

    The bobber looks like a good starting bike as well.
  17. The Hunters would be a lot better if they used the 400cc v-twin Lifan engine.
    Okay it's still only 20kw which ain't great for the size but it does at least bring it closer to Japanese 250 cruisers. Plus a parallel twin just doesn't look right in a chopper.
  18. I'd add to Marlon's point that a Virago is a heck of a lot better-looking also. I'm speaking of the bottom end especially, where the Hunter bike looks cheap and square. Given that a Virago is bullet-proof, has decent power, and can be bought used and good for two grand, if I wanted a cruiser I'd get something like a Virago. If I wanted something different, the look the Hunter bike is going for, I'd spend the heap of money saved on doing my own customisation.

    The website for that other bike involved so much imitation-American posing that I was turned off the first time I ever came across it. There's no accounting for taste.... :roll: