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Hungry little buggers

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. So I'm not at risk of flooding here, but due to road closures are stuck at home this wend. We had plenty of warning so I have a good stock of refreshing liquid to see me through till mid next week, oh and I think there is a loaf of bread in the cupboard somewhere :angel:

    Go out last night to shut down the 3phase generator, and find a feast going on in my back yard.... ever wonder what a hungry hoard of locusts looks like ?


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  2. So many locusts in the one spot ! Filming their 'departure' would be something else mate.
  3. Should of got the fly spray out and done the world a favour :)
  4. Inbound Locust, 'LO333' : "Narrandera Tower, LO333 requesting flyby"
    Narrandera Tower : " LO333, Negative, the pattern is full ! " :)

    Fly spray would do the trick alright, maybe via a 2000psi Gurney !
  5. Wheres the DDT when you need it?
  6. Naw, should have petrol + match that shit :p
  7. Burger time?
  8. Bear Grylls would eat it
  9. fvck YEAH!
    :LOL: He's made my missus gag more times than I have.
    sshhhhh ok?
  10. I woulda put on me wellies & gone crunch crunch crunch... :)
  11. You know you want to


  12. :rofl: should put that on a t-shirt