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Hungry jacks will not acknowledge me!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kale87s, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. G'day everyone, hope your all having a good weekend.

    Learnt something interesting last night, whilst waiting at a hungry jacks drive through speaker box on the bike for some 5 mins I decided to moved around the corner to just order at the window.

    As soon as I do the car behind pulls up & places there order so I tell the bloke I was waiting for ages. Turns out they don’t even have a camera watching it just a sensor in the bitumen that I wasn’t setting off. My guess is it’s just a cheap weight sensor unlike a traffic light sensor which goes off metallic content. Would explain why they didn’t see me give it a few knocks before kicking it :p

    Anyone else encountered this? I can't believe somebody has thought this better then a camera lol.
  2. Called a drive thru, not a ride thru ;)

    Nah, when I worked at Maccas, anything would set off our sensor, even dogs!
  3. I don't do drive-through on the bike - my cup-holder fell off a few months back, and I've found it too hard to change gear with a whopper in my left hand...
  4. Clutchless.
  5. You eat Hungry Jacks?!?!?!?!?!?

  6. No, I ride around clutching my whopper!
    Geez Luke, try to keep up would ya?!
  7. Perhaps you are not heavy enough to set off the sensor.

    My advice is to keep eating Hungry Jacks.
  8. Macca has an OHS policy listed that states "only cars and motorbikes" will be served by the drive-through section.

    PS. My local HJ has a camera at the order box, yours must be a cheap-arse store !

  9. NiteKreeper - is this you ???/ FAST FORWARD to 5.15

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  10. Pure gold! Wish you would pop in more often Bonk.
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  12. Maybe you should have parked the bike to keep your spot and walked around and tapped on the window.

    Or phoned in your order.
  13. Nah, they won't serve walk ups to the window.
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    I have literally cracked up at that video and the top two comments.
    I now need to use the toilet.
  15. bet they serve you if you take off your helmet :bolt:
  16. in all seriousness they will serve you with your helmet on. I have done it. just take visor off so they can hear you
  17. Not even if you point out that your bike is parked where it's supposed to be and that it's staying there at the front of the line until you get some service?

    Then you walk back, sit on the bike and wait.
  18. That would be one of the situations where the reason for the rule being in place is not relevant, but they will follow it any way because it is the rule.

    I think it depends on the store and the time of day. I went to a Mcdonalds in the Wantirna South area on New Year's. The dining room was shut so everyone was walking up the drive-through. There were no cars going through the drive through so the people working in the store had the common sense to serve the many customers wanting a midnight feed.
  19. i get served at local maccas and KFC, with helmet on
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    hahahahahahahahahahaa... but, that's how you GET service. just stay there until they send out an interpreter.