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Hundreds caught up in licence probe

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pro-pilot, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. WTF ! :shock:

    Well, nice to know that the business was run by some members of the force!


  2. So did anyone here get thier licence through Mark's Driving School??
  3. Damn, that's fairly scary! Lucky I'm off to Riding Bros. ;)
  4. Sadly I bet this will make it harder/more expensive for rider licence testing in the future.
  5. How so? I bet these illegal licenses were a damn sight more expensive than legal ones; they just didn't have to do the test, that's all.
  6. I'm sure Vicroads will factor in some extra cost for keeping an eye on the training/testing centres, and possibly the bureaucratic paperwork will increase (which will increase the amount of labour time riders will pay for instructors).

    Doesn't worry me especially, I have my full licence etc, but anything like this I don't like (i.e. some people ripping off the system which ruins it for others).
  7. you gotta take the test without their course to experience the hardness in gaining a license.
  8. When are teh VIC government goint to stand the fcuk up and do something about the rampant corruption you have down there????
    All bent coppers ever seem to get is a suspension with pay till it all blows over.....hardly a punishment.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Note the ex copper doing the investigation. He took retirement then started work with the mob that installed speed cameras around the place. Guess what happened to that company following the Western Ring Road camera farce....

    Hope he does a better job with this thing...