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Humour - Starwars nerd...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by StereoHead, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. (I hope this is in the right area of the forum, please move it if it is not)

    You have to watch with sound to fully appreciate this.
    Read below before watching and watch in order.
    Enjoy... The Star Wars Kid is a 15-year-old from Quebec known
    only as Ghyslain (although you can figure it out on the original) his
    parents are keeping his last name secret to protect his identity.

    Back in November 2002, Ghyslain was goofing off at a school video studio and recorded himself fighting a mock battle with a broomstick lightsaber. Over two minutes, the video shows the lone, overweight teenager twirling his mock lightsaber ever faster while making his own accompanying sound effects.Yes, we've all had our dorky, private moments, but this poor kid is living the nightmare of having his private dorkiness projected across the world to giggling Web users. His friends found the tape, and uploaded it to KaZaA as a joke on April 19.

    Within two weeks, someone had added full Star Wars special effects and noises to the tape, and the video was linked on gaming, technology, and Star Wars-related sites across the Internet. You have to watch the original first then watch the next 2.

  2. As with Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson, the Golden Rule is NEVER COMMIT ANYTHING TO FILM
    :LOL: :LOL:
  3. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    thanks for that, has made my morning
  4. Man this is ancient history, tell me this isnt the first you've come across this
  5. first time i have seen it .... bloody funny , that young man would be a dangerous person to come across in a dark alley :LOL:
  6. yeah its been floating round the internet for a number of years now. There are litterly hundreds of versions people have done. Everything from Matrix to Titanic.

    The main website is http://www.jedimaster.net/
  7. Yup, it was my first time :)
  8. First time i have seen it!!
  9. he shoulda just beaten them up with his lightsaber broomstick
  10. Hehehe, i love this kid. I remember when it made its first trip around the internet. I actuall signed a petition to get him into Ep3 as a cameo. George didn't listen :(
  11. lol yeah i could imagine him playing a little Ewok
  12. PG, it might have been around for ages, but it's the first time I've seen it too, and I spend a bit of time on the 'Net, plus I'm sure it's never been posted in Netrider in the last 9 months. And given the fluid nature of Netrider, a good joke is worth a re-run anyway, surely.
  13. haha, loved that it was great! Fantasitc special effects.....really!! :)
  14. :LOL: hahahah

    Sound effects were pretty good
  15. Damn people can be real utter twats. So what, if it has not been viewed on Netrider in the last 9 months (I wonder WHY 9 months :roll: ) its OK to post it. What if it was 10 or 15 months ago :roll: . And yes it certaintly is worth a post (I to have not seen it and its DAMN FUNNY).

    All he (pommygit) has done was asked the question :roll:
    then when people say they have not seen it and gives them some informative information
    and then ADDS too the forum by giving more information, NOT like some others who don't know facts :roll:
    and joins in on the joke
    Thanks for the link pommygit and thanks for the post StereoHead piss bloody funny

    Cheers :cool:

  16. oh no not again. :roll: ...... stop it please.

    this one spawned a s#it load of copy cats and parodies just type "numa numa" into google and be very afraid!!
  17. 'Tis a pity some people can write so much but read so little, or only read what they want to see.....

    Ho hum
  18. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: yeah it was/is a shocker. They even did a cartoon one of him doing American Idol :roll: :LOL:

    Cheers :cool:

    and yes take Drew's warning be afraid :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: