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Humevale rd (kinglake west^whittlesea)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by george7, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    Today i did this rd and it kind of came up on me by suprise.

    I headednout from my joint, out through watrandyte and kangaroo ground, through panton hill and st andrews up to kinglake. Now i am horrible at directions, but didnt want to just turn back and do the exact same rds again.

    In an attempt to do a ride that resembles some sort of co-ordinated loop, i emded up on this rd.

    i have never done a rd as windy as this one before.

    I just wanted to lnow amongst some other riders who have done it, how do you rate it?

    Personally, i felt comftorable going through these twisties, but would not if it was wet, just by going on the off camber hairpins it had in various spots.

    I also had the comfort of someone in a dual cab ute in front of me going at a worrying pace considering the narrowness of the rd. I was concerned for any riders coming the opposite direction and for the many cyclist that were on this rd. Despite this, it provided a buffer for me that if a car was coming opposite way and on the wrong side of road, theyd collide and id guestimate that i wouldve been able to come to a stop safely.

    Anyway, your thoughts on this road?

    Fire away.
  2. It is a complex road but I have taken new riders through there. Traffic is infrequent but you are right there are blind corners and it is narrow at times. In the cuttings area watch out for Rock Wallabies they scoot down very steep sections and cross the road.
  3. It's a long time since I went through there and back then it was extremely twisty but so unbearably bumpy I vowed never to go back. However the road itself was severely damaged in the Black Saturday fires and I recently read that it was extensively repaired.
    Maybe it's time to go and have another look.