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Hume Hwy barriers ....... saw them for the first time

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by blue, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. I was riding on the HUme from Plenty Rd today. man they have installed those wires so close to the outside lane its scary. I have heard alot of them but you dont realise how serious this is until you see them in real. what makes it worse is how close they are.
    couldnt get them out of my mind. I just moved into the left lane.

    It just pisses me off that the government could be so irresponsible, STOOOPID and carelessIDIOTS. It seems it doesnt matter if a few riders get decapitated as long as they save some money. its almost criminal. I just cant get my head around it..... how could they do this? suppose to be a government ...... not a bunch of Fu***** LUNATICS
  2. a wise man once said you'd have to be a loon to be in politics...

    or I could have just made that up... either way it's still true
  3. The barriers are mostly on straight sections of road so the likelihood of bikes hitting them would be fairly remote.
  4. You wanna come down the Mooraduc Fwy, wire ropes and armco barriers every bloody where now. Before if you cam off you slid into the tee tree in the middle of the road. :shock:
  5. Indeed. Car or bike, I would've preferred to take my chances with the tee tree's.
  6. Are these the egg slicer ones that have been outlawed in some European countries?
  7. Code:
    in todays Age newspaper, Ian Johnson director of MUARC
    suggested the WRB be placed on ALL victorian country roads
    to 'have a massive effect' as he said, in reducing the road toll
    as part of new strategies be considered.
    He did finish his comments by acknowledging that this was unlikely.
    source- the Age newspaper 28/8/06.
    Pg 4 article - Fighting the Road Toll
    Dutch have banned them and are removing them , Norway is no longer using them and will replace the WRB's with something else as they need repairing.

    UK Transport Dept has assured BMF/MAG WRB will be replaced down the Centre of Major Hwys as they need repairing with concrete barriers

    And NO they are not just on straight's in Australia, look at Frankston Fwy
    and Yes the MRAA has got Vic Roads to admit the WRB's on Thompson road and some on Franskston Fwy are not installed properly and they will be removed