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Human Evolution Gene Found

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by snuff3r, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. http://www.smh.com.au/technology/sci-tech/what-made-us-human-unique-evolution-gene-found-20121115-29d9p.html#ixzz2CFbT7HG9

    /gets some popcorn
  2. can i get an extra one injected , mine plays up sometimes
  3. Got a spare vial for Blab.
  4. Maybe your ape genes are stronger :angelic:
  5. God put it there to test us
  6. Ah the irony of scientists finding a gene that allowed the human brain to evolve to the point it could create a religion to deny that ever happened.
  7. lol JD )
    go easy on the lodgic it only confuses
  8. Laph.
  9. well that was a fast wild ride
    hope the op wasnt after a serious
  10. Until we get some idea of what the gene does, there's only so much discussion to have.
  11. Fixed that for ya. :)
    Lack of facts certainly hasn't stopped other threads going out past 20 pages before :p
  12. I bet it's the troll gene. Evolved, but not necessarily for the better.
  13. now if you let the resident tool
    out of jail he could help out
  14. now if you let the resident tool
    out of jail he could help out
  15. I never expect serious discussion here. Why would I come here otherwise?
  16. Changed from Monkeys ? All we really want to do is fcuk like monkeys, shaking off 2000 yeras of religious doctrination and moral conditioning. The internet is taking us back to the sexual gratification enjoyed by our ancestors.
  17. the internet ?
    try a partner its much better
  18. No, that's all YOU want to do. The rest of us would like foreplay plz.