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VIC Human error leads to more than 700 Eastlink fines being withdrawn

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by joetdm, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. Oh but of course we can have full confidence that the system can correctly identify tollerences of 3kph.
    No one noticed over a period of 4 weeks!!!
    So 700 all caught most likely doing less than 10kph over (as most are) on a road designed for 130kph (or more) and no one crashed!


    The age on same article

  2. Sooo many interesting questions...

    How many deaths/injuries occurred as a result of these drivers exceeding the speed limit on that road at that time? How many, as a result of these same drivers speeding elsewhere/afterwards?
    If they knew the cameras were there (they are signposted), why were they speeding? Were they REALLY speeding? Did they do so knowingly? Did the numbers vary from the usual? Are the numbers of infringements dropping, and if not, why not? How many drivers went on to speed and/or cause a crash?. How many were deterred from speeding, on this road or elsewhere? What are their crash histories?

    But it seems that the big issue is the loss of targeted revenue, and how it's going to be replaced.
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  3. And are the people who've already paid/been demerited going to get a refund?
  4. Does anyone know who the camera operator is?
  5. no-one speeds under that camera. too well known that it's always been dodgy.
    all traffic slows to about 90kph before the underpass.
    then once well clear of it, everyones back up to 120-130kph again.
    if it was'nt rigged it would'nt be paying for itself.