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Human bobsled vs. motorcycle

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Bigchief, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. #1 Bigchief, Jun 13, 2009
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  2. Did that motorcyclist even LEAN on those corners?
    Talk about shithouse riding.
  3. Yes , would have been better if the guy knew how to ride. How many times did he almost stop when going around a bend.
    Although in saying, the bobsled guy looked pretty good going around those hairpin turns.
  4. That aside though, I loved the way that human bodsled went into the corners... :LOL:
  5. Wouldn't be as good if it were an open road and he took those lines.
  6. smee, surely you have enough faith in the media to know they would always provide a realistic and accurate result. Anything else is heresy
  7. the way the rider's going i reckon me (or anyone else) could beat him on a 250
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  9. The number plate indent on the skaters forehead after hitting a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction would be pretty deep.
  10. Yeah, that was much more impressive.

    looks like fun. really difficult though.
    drive a car fast: hard
    ride a bike fast: harder
    do that:..... insane
  11. Now try it with somone who can actually ride.
  12. When he got close he just backed off.
  13. What about street luge? That's insane too. Especially when you get people who are so obsessed with going faster that they end up inventing mirror setups so that they can lie dead flat and see where they're going through mirrors. Sucks if one comes loose or breaks from the vibrations though.

    Granted, going by how hard street luge was to learn, I believe that would be up near impossible.