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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BrmBrmBrad, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Hi, my name is Brad and I'm an alch... oh sorry wrong forum.

    29 year old Melbournian (Western Suburbs) here. In the last 2 months or so I've gone from having ALMOST zero motorcycle knowledge (I knew how many wheels most of them have) to getting my L's and buying my very own Yamaha XVS650A. I've been on a grand total of 6 rides so far on my bike as of writing this post so I'm still very fresh.

    I'm in the IT game and have never been very hands-on with my cars so my mechanical skills/knowledge could be classed as 'almost' non-existent. I did however buy and install a K&N air filter for my bike the other week.. *flex*

    Anywho, I'm new to this so please be gentle :)

  2. G'day Brad, I'm new also. I've got a whole 3 weeks of motorcycling under my belt lol
  3. Welcome to NR, Brad! (y)

    Like you, I also own a Yamaha V-Star. Come down to St Kilda Saturday sessions when you can and say hello. Lots of excellent people to meet and lots to learn from there.

    I've been going there for the last year now. :D
  4. Welcome aboard. Another west sider. As mentioned above, should go to the Saturday morning practice session to meet and greet people while learning new things :).
  5. welcome to NR Brad, nice bike choice, so you're gonna be game to ride the choccy ride on sunday the 12th? Sat morn prac sessions are definaelty recommended, also sunday learner rides are great to go to as well.
  6. Well ive been riding for a whole month now.. so bend over boys and ill try to make this quick.. :)

    Nar.. just kidding .. lots of great info here and dont take everything we say to heart or you wont last long :) come on down to saturday morning practice and you will improve in leaps and bounds.. i would have given up by now if it wasnt for SMP. :)
  7. Welcome to NR brad as some people have said here get down to Saturday practice it's loads of fun... If you want a riding buddy down there let me know i'm only 20 mins from you..
  8. Welcome to the Nuthouse Brad :D !!!

    Satdy practise is a must :p
  9. Nut house hey Kitt u haven't been to my place :)
  10. Nor you mine ..

    7 kids between us ... need I say more :)
  11. 4 kids here 3 to many lol..
  12. Hello and welcome, I was going to get the same bike as you until I found it was physically too small for me. By all acounts they're a good machine.
  13. belatedly, welcome also :)
  14. Welcome.

    Saturday practice - come! Meet heaps of NRs and drool over lots of bikes (and let us see yours in the flesh).

    Also welcome to Saturday brekkie if you're so inclined. There's threads for both.

    Practise a LOT!
  15. Welcome Brad,

  16. You either need more ms or more rs

    And in case you hadn't heard you must get down to sat morning practice.

    Welcome to the forummm
  17. Hi Brad and welcome to NR