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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Mayhem81, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. HI there all my names is Chris I am 31 years old and decided to go for it and get a motorbike !! I am doing the first part of my Qride tomorrow and the second part the following week.
    Then I will be bike shopping!!
    Thinking (in order of Lust rating)
    Ducati 659
    Kawasaki er6 (necckkid)
    KTM Duke

    Happy for input !!! (y) my eventual garage will be a Chopper (will look great but no doubt be terrrible to ride) and a naked/Streetfighter Prob Ducati
    Jap Sport bikes do not interest me (pure self preservation).

    Look foward to getting to know you all and maybe joining in for a newb ride some day !!
  2. Hi and welcome. Personally I think a Kwaka needs to be in everyones shed - but KTM make rad looking bikes too.. which Duke were you planning to look at?
  3. The Duke 200 its a lams Bike
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    The KTM and Duke are very expensive for LAMS bikes. Are you planning to keep your new bike long term?
  5. If you are keen on the KTM, think about waiting till the end of March when they launch the Duke 390 - still LAMS approved, more power, and sexy too :p

  6. Whatever you eventually buy, welcome to Netrider!
  7. Gday
    check out other threadsrelating to first bikes.
    common advice is biy cheap do ya time and then go for itonce your full licence
  8. Welcome! I'm also new here and have just got my license, so might see you around!
  9. well i did it i bought the monster, its the only one that gave me that funny feeling in my tummy i have started a thread in the post your ride section ::