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Hughie Hoare Memorial Race Meeting.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by MVrog, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Yep, the third annual running of the "Hughie Hoare" is on, at the Broadford Circuit on Sept. 20/21.
    IOM TT Winner Cameron Donald has entered. Be worth being there, just to see that.
    Netrider Racers, Cejay, Johnny O and Ian Wiltshire will all be destroying completely good tyres. Gotta see that too.

    Entry is free, but it might cost you heaps to get out.

    Anyone interested?
  2. So I guess a nice quiet ride day with Champions on the friday is out of the question then..........
  3. It's definitely a stuff up. I think the dates were given to Champions before the HH date was fully settled in.

    I'm booked in for the Champions day, but I expect there will be a fair few club riders as well. However, it IS a ride day, so same rules apply.
  4. I'll be there as an Irresponsibles groupie.
  5. Thanks Loz. I must have been having a "Senior's Moment"
    Edgelett and her Band, "The Irresponsibles" will be there, playing their own music, on Sat. Nite. Worth the price of Admission on it's own.

    Don't ask them to play "khe sahn" or any of your ABBA fave hits, cos you'll be bashed.
  6. Damn! What about a real favourite of mine...'Singing in my underpants'. I think Loz might know the words to that one!
  7. I want Loz to sing "Girt by sea", on the start line, and to publicly dedicate it to the "Zit Faced Ranga"
  8. I forgot to mention "Nicky Diles 19", who will also be out there, wrecking his tyres, and scaring his Mum, in one of his last rides as a Junior.
    Go Nicky.
  9. It is going to be a great weekend.

    The first Hughie Hoare was my first race on the 125gp and this years meeting will be my last. Trying to get in to Defence Force so won't be able to ride next year.

    It is an awesome meeting an real great to watch, especially on hughies hill :)

  10. I expect to be there, unless something unforeseen prevents me. :)

    I can't see anyone waiting on the start line while Loz sings, unless he has some pretty cute, and barely clad support singers standing in front of him. :p
  11. i'm hoping I can get there really early on saturday to watch some racing!
    and i'm hoping that i can arrange for our singer's dad to drive the gear home after the show so i can get pissed with you all lol
  12. Yay Edgie. Good to see you getting into the spirit of things. If you drink "pinot noir", you will get pissed for free.
  13. I'm also planning to be there. Not sure if I'll do it on my own at this stage.
    I think I can do the 45 mins easy enough. Might be more fun as a team though.
    And would save on re-fuel time.
  14. Goodonya Ian. Who do you have in mind to ride with?
  15. I'll just have a slow putter around, it's been 2 years since I've raced, the body aint what it used to be either. I'm cool to have a few drinks after the riding though :)
  16. IIRC refuelling isn't allowed.
  17. But I'll bet a tank swap is allowed ;-)
  18. :shock: I wouldnt go 45 mins on a full tank.
  19. The SV did ok last year. But I've measured my fuel economy in races and I'm getting around 8km/l now. 45 minutes is about 90km, so I make it ok...
  20. I don't imagine I'll have the throttle open very far on the 1000 after the first 5 laps, reaching the end shouldn't be a problem for me with regards fuel, lol