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huggers - are some brands better than others??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by edgelett, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. I was at show & go today & they told me they can get a carbon fibre hugger for my bike for $280. so I came home to look online & compare prices - found them ranging from $350 to $700!!!!

    Why are some hugger soooooo much more expensive than others??
    are the $280 ones likely to break in 2 days? what's the difference between a cheap one & a more expensive one?
  2. edgelett, at the show & shine whose brand were they? I have had a Geelong Carbon Craft one on my bike and apart from it missing a slight chip from a nail that my tyre picked up and then spat out again it is fine and has lasted really well and was much cheaper than one from the Performance catalogue.
  3. My recently deceased carbon fibre hugger/chain guard was around the $350 mark, and was perfect, would have lasted forever, I'm sure. Spend the money on a good one, Tash, you won't regret it, specially if you want to keep your custom paint looking great......
  4. not sure...i think they MAY have been powerbronze but they didn't actually have any in store for me to look at. they just gave me a price.
    EDIT: checked the website, definitely powerbronze.

    I want a belly pan too (not a big one - just a little one) so I'll ask what brands they are.

    i've decided to get a carbon fibre hugger (looking at pics, i think they look better) but will get the belly pan colour matched.