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Hugely overpriced bikes for sale

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by darrenwilliam79, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. I see plenty of blokes wanting way too much for their bikes, but this has gotta take the cake. He even says "could advertise for more"! Dude you're asking $24k for a used 125 with 5000k's on the clock! Anyway just for a laugh, can anyone top this???

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  2. "The most wanted bike" Really??
  3. "It's finally for sale"!!!
  4. "no reg as wanted to keep bike in showroom condition" So does this mean the 5212km it's travelled have been on the track? "Showroom condition", so the tyres aren't worn at all? It's in Cranbourne, do you reckon he'd allow me to test ride it:joyful: There are 9 people watching it!
  5. Is it 1/4/15 already?

    Bloody hell, time just flies...
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  6. The best thing that guy can do is burn that 125 to the ground and be done with it!
  7. I rather like the words in capital letters. They really grip my interest for a bike of this calibre.
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. I don't really want to sell my Cagiva Raptor 125, but, if someone offered me a straight swap for a Porsche Boxter S, (must be Yellow!) I'd be very tempted to accept the offer.
  10. Ok guilty, I'm one of the 9 watchers, just so I'm notified every time he relists it for less and less with still no takers. His amazement and despair in this will be rather entertaining
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  11. He'll still be contacted by someone working on an oil rig or somewhere offshore :whistle:
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  12. Amazing - la-la land special...
  13. Looking at bikesales, you often see bikes that have been on there for a long time and are listed for a few k above what they're worth.

    It'd be likely that it's some bloke whose wife has told him to sell the bike, and he's listed it for too much so it doesn't sell haha!
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  14. Agreed. I often think the same thing. But I actually think this guy selling his rs125 is just genuinely delusional!
  15. Someone gullible enough to believe their bike is worth this much may actually be a prime target to get sucked in by the oil rig PayPal Nigerian royalty types
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  16. I got a bridge to sell if any one is interested?
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  17. This one perchance?

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