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Huge clothing/gear clearance sale this weekend ?! [VIC]

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Hotcam, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. It is on the radio that there is a huge clearance sale of
    $2million worth of bike clothing and accessories etc
    in Ferntree Gully.

    Just in time for the wintry weather :grin: :grin:
    cos I could use a new jacket and pants!

    It's Peter Stevens so it should be good brands,
    hope I can get some Dainese on special.
  2. bonus
    i'll be down there at 6am camping at the door with my credit card
  3. I'll be down there with someone elses credit card
  4. is it only on the weekend? or from today till weekend?
  5. Only on the weekend - 10am to 5pm both days (take note haksu - you'll freeze solid waiting for four hours in this weather!)
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  7. haha dont get too excited... and dont get too dissappointed when you can find any good road gear.... these sales are held to get rid of their motocross gear... always seem to have heaps of motorcross gear, and very few road bike gear
  8. the advertising flyer has about 1/2 off road gear. fair bit of dririder amongst the rest. the mxo flyer actually mentions dainese leathers
  9. Interesting that PoS are having a clearance in a premises they've only been in for a couple of months... Last time I was there they didn't have any racks or shelves, everything just in piles or open boxes!
  10. huge accessory sale at PS Ferntree Gully

    its on all this weekend, I saw it advertised in the local paper, so i'm heading down on Saturday for a few bargains. Does anyone know if there selling bikes cheap as well? :biker:
  11. i got a letter in my mail. an alpinestar jacket on sale. i'm also selling 2xmotul 5100 10W-40 2L $55. 4L RRP $70
  12. Anyone got a scan of the ad?
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  14. That's exactly what a PS (or Monza Imports - same owner) sale looks like!

    In the past Monza have picked up containers of remaindered stock destined for other countries and flogged it off cheap. Usually there are lots of middle range stuff (both road and dirt) at good prices and a sprinkling of top shelf brands to add spice to the advertising (not so heavily discounted but 10-20% off, limited sizes).

    If it's like the other ones it will end up a madhouse with stuff scattered all over the damn place.
  15. This wasn't a sale, this was just after they'd bought out the Kwaka and Yamaha dealers in the neighbourhood and were moving in - not that long ago.
  16. Last time they had a sale like this it was at PS DANDENONG and it was huge. Ran the whole weekend. Anyway i'm off to check it out and pick up a bargain. :)
  17. Just dropped into the MXO one at Jeffrey in FTG - nothing earth shattering, but some Dianese suits for $500 less than retail, most of the helmets marked down and some Dri-Rider, RST, RJays stuff. Otherwise lots of cheapish stuff a little cheaper again, and loads of dirtbike gear.

    Sale is on there and a few other places today and tomorrow if interested.
  18. [​IMG]

    Is that armour dirt riding gear or road acceptable?

  19. BOTH

    That armour, most people use it for dirt, but I've known
    quite a few to use it for road when their jacket doesn't
    have armour already (or has poor-quality armour).

    Most people on the road these days rely on the armour built into
    their jackets because it's convenient. However for dirt
    most people use this mesh-jacket-style, because it keeps them
    cool while doing the large amount of physical effort/movement required.

    This style spine protection was originally invented
    for roadracing by that great racer and advocate of
    rider safety - Barry Sheene, who gave the design to Dainese
    and said "you can have the design free, to make and sell, if you make
    me some I can wear while racing". Shoulder/elbow pads were
    added soon after.
  20. sale

    Hi Guys, new to the forum was just in peter stevens today looking for some pants to zip to my jacket but didnt want to spend 600 just yet but got some mirrors to replace those small circle ones i got...anyway they had a leaflet so i scanned it and here it is,
    just to give you some idea

    hmm cant post links yet so youll have to copy and paste

    hxxp:// www . postimage . org / image . php?v=gxcIkLJ

    and replace the xx's with t's
    and get rid of the spaces sorry