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HUD inside your helmet? :)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by galaxy, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    Has anybody used MOD Live to augment their helmets? I'm considering buying one despite that the product is designed for skiers and other alpine sports I think it will fit into motorcycling perfectly :).
  2. Ooooooooooh Do want.

    Its also nice to see something with features that require an ANDROID phone for once rather than an iPhuck.
  3. Be awesome if it could be used on our visors instead of on goggles. Still cool though
  4. that is so cool.
    i would never take the goggles of
  5. Operating Temperature range : -20®C to 30®C (-4®F to 86®F)

    could be a problem over summer.
  6. When you said HUD I was expected to see an image projected onto the visor, but thats still pretty freaking awesome.
  7. Me too. Not really sure how viable it'd be to fit it into a full face lid but love the idea of doing so!
  8. Oh so it isn't projected on the goggles? lame!
  9. I'd absolutely kill for a HUD in my helmet.
    for both the cool factor AND the safety aspect.
    Damn it'd be good to see speed/tach, even turn by turn nav no matter where my eyes are looking.
  10. Well, they say that the image is virtual 11" diagonal from 5 feet away, so you can consider it to be projected :)) You will see it as a translucent window in the corner of your vision. Anyway, I've ordered one, let's wait an see :).
  11. 3 years on, well??