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Featured HUD for Riders

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Twisties92, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. We are increasingly seeing more and more talk both online and at the coffee shops about HUD's. For those who aren't aware what HUD's are, HUD stands for Heads Up Display. Now HUD's have been used in many different industries and for the first time it seems rider's now get their fair share of the pie too.

    HUD's are being marketed for the "safer rider". HUD's will display speeds, GPS co-ordinates, lap times, music, camera's ect. Some of which I believe would be a major distraction to the rider at times but other times I would find these options extremely useful and helpful.

    The first real talk about HUD's was when SKULLY released their project on KickStarter to drum up support about a new generation of helmet for riders. Both Commuters and Racers would benefit from this helmet as it supported HUD and also a 180 degree fish eye camera to show riders what was behind them. All of which was projected into a small box on the lower right hand side of your visor.

    Since then I've seen a few companies replicate such technology but as more of a "plug and play" device. Display can be rough and lifespand of these devices can suffer.

    I wanted to see if I could capture in this post a small snippet of what the rider's of Australia have to say about this new generation of technology being implemented.

    For myself, I still can't see someone on a Harley Davidson wearing a "tron" type helmet with flashing lights and gizmo's, nor can I see the old school riders even thinking this is safe due to the amount of distractions this can have on a rider however I don't want to assume anything, I want to hear it from yourself!

    HUD for Riders.. Yay or Nay?
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  2. I'd love to have my speed/tacho/gear displayed where I didn't have to look away from the road. The rest is unnecessary for me, based on my vast 1,400km road experience.
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  3. I have little interest, I need to know my speed and occasionally rpm, I don't even know what gear i'm in a lot of the time. I foresee a shitfight between believers and non believers once this technology starts to become mainstream.
  4. I love gadgets and technology, but the HUD in motorbike lids is uneccassary and a distraction, IMO.

    I have managed to ride succesfully for 30 years without feeling the need for HUD. I know whats behind me most of the time by using my mirrors and turning my head. I don't need turn-by-turn GPS - i look at google maps before I go and use my mind/memory. So what if you get lost a bit? Pull over, work out where you are and get going again.

    Getting a speed read out might be handy - can think of a few times that would avoided a fine and points.

    Now playing your favorite p0rn flicks - that would be worth doing!!
  5. I'd say Yay tempered with the lessons that military designers have learned about user interface design in fighter cockpits. The issue when HUDs and glass cockpits started to appear was that designers had the scope to show so much information that the pilot was overwhelmed particularly in combat situations. Intelligent design should show you only the information that is relevant to the immediate situation.
  6. Interesting. So what real time info do u think might enhance the riding experience and enhance rider safety? Personally, i don't use bluetooth for calls/music because that's a distraction from the road ahead.

    Maybe if there was some software interface via the HUD that improved hazard perception?
  7. We are. mainly. all carrying a sophisticated processing engine along with us now days with an inbuilt display, The Smart phone. This will continue to evolve as the control system of choice. Devices like the Neutrino Power distribution system are Smart phone App controlled. Gaugeface make digital instrument options for Harleys based on a mobile phone. I see Smart phones and apps being the management unit at the centre of your electronic systems.

    HUDs follow from the above they will be the display output but it will be the decision of a higher processor what information you need to display.

    What functionality at what times is the question. Some blue sky conjecture:
    • Do you need to know your speed or do you only need to know what band you are in with respect to the current location speed limit. GPS within the phone can find location and local speed limt. In the status area of the HUD lights up
      • Green Doot within speed limit OK.
      • $ in first band of fine for this area.
      • $$ in second band of fine for this area
      • X$$ loss of license territory.
    • Tacho, Shift cues as per racing cars is all that is required,
    • Navigation, full maps on your HUD are probably distracting but if stopped should be available, hand gestures picked up from a gesture receiver in the head stem area should allow you to scroll up down back forward etc, When moving all you need is distance until next change of direction, severity and direction of turn, optional voice cues should be available.
    • Road safety options, radar front and rear should track incoming targets, calculation of closing speed and trajectories should be done by the management system. When one is tagged as on a converging course the HUD could display direction of approach and directions of escape.
    • The radar safety system by its nature needs to have a radar receiver, the receiver could listen for other radar transmitters in other operational bands. These are utilised by certain government functionaries. The HUD could then indicate direction of said functionaries.
    • Recent work in the Netherlands has spotted a weakness in the Digital data system used by those same government functionaries . The same system that allows checking of licenses and numberplates is very chatty and communicates quite frequently even when no data is being requested, Although the services are encrypted they occupy certain wireless bands and have a certain pattern. Directional antenna built into the bike could determine the direction and rough distance of these government functionaries and light up an icon, perhaps a flashing blue one, in the HUD in the direction of danger.
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