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Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by MT1, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. this is just too much fun not to share.> http://www.xtranormal.com/
    really easy to use.
    make your own, or suggest a theme, or request a theme.

    - TAC add
    - SMIDSY event
    - Sat learner prac (papa smurf and hawkman ?)
    - cop vs squid
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  2. LOL! NK's get up is a hoot. lol

    I'm going to have to shell out some real money to get enough points make a couple of vids goddam you.
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  3. Lol! Love your style MT1. =D>

    Thanks for the heads up.
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  4. NightKreeper seems like a really cool guy - very funny and I don't even know him.
  5. That's funny.
  6. bahahahahahahaa classic
  7. So are there any tip sites that help make the conversation phrasing more natural? I've started on something but the text to speech is a bit dry.
  8. haha, nice work Mendy =D>
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  9. hahaha, she sorted him out. nice one Tahlia (y)
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  10. Great one Tahlia! I like a gal with sass. :)

    I've got a 3 minute one on training brewing... but it'll take forever for xtranormal to host it. I'll have to publish to you tube when I can.
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  11. great stuff =D>
  12. Neat program MT1.

    Had a poke around, but stepped away from the rider focus (really great work everyone! (y) ) ...

    ... my little experiment's more in the vein of an, *ahem*, community announcement.

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