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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MV, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. 1 Daytona 675.
    No special tools.
    Less than 20 minutes.


    It really is that easy.

  2. That's ****ing crazy. I know how to hotwire older bikes but those new ones... Jeez.
  3. I'm starting uni soon and am thinking about commuting on my bike, this type of thing makes me want to leave my bike at home and take the car. :(

    I hope those scumbags get caught.
  4. They must spend the day scouring parking lots for bikes? The place he has parked is kind of silly because although it is difficult to see the bike, it is also difficult to see anyone stealing the bike. So once they do find out a bike is parked there...
  5. True Deadsy, out of sight is not always safest.

    Look like they're 'pros' to a certain degree, probably spend all day scouting out shit to pick off.
  6. Exactly. Out in the open where there are people around is often better. It's known as 'passive surveillance'. The public just doddle about their lives unaware, but if they see something amiss happening... there's your surveillance. ;)
  7. A disclock would have stopped them
  8. he's got so much technology to film why cant he have a gps tracker or phone alarm or even a disc lock, I had a shitbox bike years ago when i lived in a unit block and still had it chained to the concrete floor and a ulock on the front and a disc lock on the rear, heaps of stuff used to go missing in that car park but my bike always remained. One guy had his bbq stolen and blamed me as my stuff never got stolen, maybe it was my security, I dont have dodgy mates or my car space was close to the main door to the unit and not in a dark corner.

    what would you guys do if you walked down and saw that guy on the seat of your bike on his mobile lurching forward towards your ignition?
  9. He did make a few vaild points. ITs wrogn that we should have to do that. And also, in 2012 on a new model bike, why is it so easy to steal? Wheres the immobiliser? My 2008 Hornet has an immobiliser so why not a brand new daytona R?
  10. Maybe in this case, but maybe not. Might add another 5 mins. Might have required them to steal a van & just chuck it in that, who know?

    If they want it bad enough, they will take it.

    Which brings me to this: obviously they didn't want your shitbox :) That's why I don't have a nice bike & can park it any where I want ;)
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  11. Pretty sure the "technology" he used to film was the CCTV from the companies car park? Which they probably gave him access too after his bike was stolen? I doubt it's actually HIS technology set up for just his bike...

    And I don't think there is much point taking a stab at him. Surely you've had one moment where you thought, I'll just be gone 5 minutes, I won't worry about the disc lock! Or are you better than him? He stated he just made a mistake...
  12. It's an optional extra on the Triumphs. I personally went third party and installed a scorpio with a pager. I leave the alarm on silent so that if anyone touches it i can be out there kicking their ass before they know what hit them.
  13. If only that was sure to work. See this as an example: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/13/opinion/bike-thief.html
  14. I once cut through the cable lock securing my gear to my bike (forgot key at home), which was parked in a uni multi-level parking lot, and other riders parked/rode off without even a second glance. Security actually provided the tools. Very reassuring experience.
  15. good 'citizens' won't do jack shite, its actually the dodgy looking people who are actually more likely to help out!

    the citizens will shit their pants and look the other way

    need some james bond style shit, machine gun headlights and electric fireball security system,
    come back to find a fried corpse next to your bike
  16. you will find some instructors who teach women self defense advise them to yell "FIRE" instead of "****" when being attacked as people will actually come to look at a fire....... sad isn't it
  17. I had a clutch cable break on my bike when I was at uni and noone looked twice when my brother and mate helped me lift the bike onto the ute and drive off.