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html css javascript help

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by flexorcist, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. hey guys (i know this is the wrong forum for it but it's in OT and i don't like other forums much),
    sorry i haven't been about much lately... bikes been in the shop for 3 weeks!!!! (had it home for 4 days then had the problem again).

    so anyways, to pass the time, i've been having a crack at a webpage. i mess about with layouts way too much, so whenever i get it right i c0ck it up again.

    i have a whole big story i could put here but i'll tell it to those who ask.

    i had to put in an extra div with an absolute position for the main content to view properly in IE, and my javascript box refreshes the page when i try and close it

    can anybody help me out with what i did wrong???

  2. Being on geocities as a host may not be helping - I believe they have scripting stuff of their own going on in the background for ads or whatever and that might be competing with yours. There are better free hosting solutions out there.
  3. Try hosting it on Freewebs. But as far as i know, Javaand and PHP don't really work on most of the free sites. I could be wrong though...
  4. thanks
    shall have a crack.

    if i still get problems oh i'll be asking hehehehe

    PHPs a little (way) out of my league. i think. never bothered that much to look into it hehe. from memory xp home edition doesn't let you install an apache server on your computer does it??
  5. Couple of years ago Geocities blocked all java scripting & any attempt to run any would be a waste of time.
    Guessing that may be the case still.

    Free hosting sites like that will only allow html, & just don't even enter the idea of having php etc

    Use your web space your isp provides. Most now give @ least 20MB enough for the very very basic
  6. that was my intention but dad don't know what the ow is
  7. Dad don't know what? .... I coffee down, brain still booting up & I have no idea, what on earth "ow is idjut" is
    This new lingo of some sort ? :LOL:

    If all else fails, just go to your isp home page & help / support etc.
  8. My best guess is that the flexman went to type 'pw' for password but just missed the 'p' by one key. ;)