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HR Pufnstuf

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. For those of you young enough to remember the movie pufnstuf is on abc2 right now.
    Talk about bringing back childhood memories:)

  2. We're watching it right now...my husband is beside himself with joy. I'm just horrified.
  3. witchy-poo always reminds me of one of my younger sisters
  4. When i was young i was sure that those freaks were waiting for the chance to eat me, oddly i could sit and watch a horror movie undaunted but those critters were out to get me :shock:
  5. Put a pair of spectacles on her and she somewhat resembles Sarah Palin.
  6. :censored: :cry: :furious:

    I missed it :cry:
  7. Got home from Calder Park to only catch the last 10 minutes of the movie :(

    Ahhh, the memories.

    Ahhhh, the bad acting.

    Ahhhh, the 70's and the substance abuse that caused this sort of TV programs to be created :LOL:
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    I remember seeing it at the movies with my sister.

    There was a scene where the only thing on the screen was the witch flying directly towards you. Scared the absolute crap out of me and I had to leave the cinema only to be coaxed back in shortly after.

    Ah fond memories. http://au.[media=youtube]C-yLYz6ejqw[/media][/url]
  9. Check out some of the related video's that come up when you click on the youtube link.

    Banana Splits,
    Sigmund & the Sea Monster
    Land of the Lost

    to name but a few :shock:
  10. Is it true Jimmy was gay?
  11. Both his former wives have female names which suggests, but doesn't confirm, his preference I think :wink:
  12. Both Michael Jackson's former wives have female names , does not confirm or deny he is a pedofile.
  13. Back on topic - :p I loved it as a child! I had a fairly hippie mother so was bought up without a TV, so would just sit transfixed when visiting other families blessd with the presence of a television in their homes! Other shows I loved were Kimba the white lion and astro boy - but got nightmares from Dr Who, and also Scooby-doo (yes I know odd child) :LOL:
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  15. I loved Kimba the White Lion and Astro Boy as well.

    My mother wouldn't let me watch Dr Who or the Goodies, so I had to always go around to a friends house to watch them.
  16. It's interesting watching The Goodies on Foxtel as an adult and comparing it to how the ABC showed it at 6pm, they certainly would've had to do some editing so it could be shown at that early hour of the evening :shock: