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hr and hc/mc trucks and the bike rider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Buggerit, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Having drivern trucks for some years now, and having to put up with the %^&$ wits on four wheels, (ie don't think, braking, turning, and the best $%^& one stoping, (and yes we do need the distance to stop)).

    Now having to ride to work (my choice), I've been know to line split here and there, but some times your so thinking, about the fit you lose your thought on the set of traffic lights, and get it to a spot you would rather not be in. All good it happens.

    but here's the thing that worries me, (as I'v see it happin right in front of me) time and time again, going between the front of the truck, line spliting and there's more but those two will do for now.

    Must times we can not see a good tandom trailer in front, and the mirrors only show so much, so please when your do your own thing out there, around trucks please think can he/she see me or not.

    Just some thought's for safe rideing people.
  2. what?
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  3. I think (well, I'm guessing) he wants us to remember the tip: if you can't see their mirrors, they can't see us. So if you get into a squeeze filtering next to a semi, take caution because they might not know you're there when they move off.
    Or not.
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  4. i split lines while doing a whoolie while doing 150

    Edit: No but seriously, be careful around trucks mofos.
  5. i drove almost 30 years ago, only local and some of the stuff people do in front of trucks and it has only got worse, mind you, ciytlink last week, a semi moves and gives me 2 feet of his lane while a dipstick in an 8 tonner thought it might be funny to take 'all' of his lane up to the white line, you cant pick them!! and so right about not being seen thru the mirrors, we move so quick by the time they think we are eithe half way or deep in it!! and we dont know whats happening on the other side too..
    Old hand writing using to be 'right side=passing side!! left side = suicide!! funniest was 'smile as you go under'
  6. Over the past 5 years I've been driving semi trailers around Sydney and some around brissie and newcastle too and knowing how much you can actually see of the side of the whole rig has made me aware of how far out you can go before entering the blind spot and most modern truck mirrors have a decent wide veiw but some of the old style kenworths shke like buggery and ya can't see nuthin'.

    Generally if you can see the drivers face in his mirror, he can see you and most will act accordingly. If you've got your bike lights on (marvellous how much difference that makes) he will definately see you alongside of him.

    Now here the tricky bit, if you've decided to go out a bit wide to avoid the wake (air turbulance)of the truck about where the rear drive wheels are under the front of the trailer, then you might be temporarily out of veiw and if it's one of those modern trucks with excell. air cond with the windows up, he may not even hear you.

    With the windows up, the radio on and the hum of the deisel engine, the driver might just hear a harley.


  7. I just read the OP ... I'm I drunk ??

    If you are going to LANE SPLITT '' between trucks.. pick your moment and do it fast '' or not at all .....
  8. Truckies are all on drugs.
  9. Or are druggies all in trucks?
  10. Its not just the line spiting, if you are moving from one lane to anther lane when in heavy traffic or at a set of lights, you are gona be lucky if'n we can see the top of your halments, and ye if'n we take off when your in the middle where going over you, (becouse we didn't know your there).

    and it's not just the semis, its the heavy ridige to, to watch out for.

    so be carful out there, and stay upright.
  11. O and the hi jagging, o reading at all time guys, for both booze and drugs :)
  12. i repeat,

  13. ermmmm not all of them, and i'll submit to a test whenever you wish
    infact, of all the drivers i know, nearly all are pissheads, a few potheads but that's about it

    if that's true of you, i hope to fuck you lose your license before you kill someone
  14. how do u expect them semis truck line splitin ifn they canet see our halments becouse haven mean its the heavy ridigie to witch way we have to watch out for if you know what i mean
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  15. .... so we should split the truck in half... to make the line to a whoolie...???

    This thread makes my head sore :(

  16. ????? seriously Even I didn't understand this one.:-s
  17. Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

    (Backs carefully away from thread as if from a live explosive...)
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  18. Whenever I drive in my 4wd (a fair bit commuting until I get the bike) I have the UHF radio on Ch40. Truckies are always having a ****ing whinge about bikes - not the way they are ridden just I think they are pissed off that they get stuck in traffics and the bikes don't. It's an envy thing.
  19. hes talking about the motorbikes hijacking his truck and stealing his booze and drugs
  20. trying to say this nicely without sounding racist, in my role in Logistics I come into contact with a lot of drivers and fleet contractors, and when I'm out on the road I avoid couriers/carriers of any size if the have the likes of Kings, Civic, Capital, Metro and many others written on their trucks/vans.

    These companies target international students on visa's, or those with international licences as they are a source of cheaper labour. The consequences of this is that the vehicles they drive in most cases are a bloody long way from being roadworthy and their driving skills far from perfect.

    I have seriously had a driver in my yard who couldn't reverse his 8ton truck and a semi driver who didn't know how to tie a rope.

    As I said not trying to be racist, after all some of my favourite meals have been indian.