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HQ Clean up

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Flipper, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. I have been lucky enough to get a skip for this coming weekend (13th - 14th) for green waste (thanx to Nightrider :D ) and HQ is in great need of a clean up, so if anyone is extremely bored this weekend and wants to help out, it would be greatly appreciated :p . Basically I want to cut back all the greenery out the front and back.
    If anyone has a chain saw they could lend us, that would be fantastic as I want to cut the 2 big trees out the front right back.

    Note: I am working at sexpo this Saturday from 12pm - 12am but I am going to try to cut the hours back a bit and see if I can start at about 5pm. In typical HQ fashion, I am sure there will be a BBQ after the clean up on Saturday, but I will have to keep my alcohol consumption to a minimum so that I can get back into it on Sunday :roll:

    Thanx in advance guys :D
  2. Do you have to get a permit or something to cut them down?
  3. I don't think so. I don't want to actually cut them down, I just want to cut them back. They are too close to the power lines and plus, you can't see anything out the front from the roof and I have to keep an eye on Deyago after he has a few shots of CSC ;)
  4. I kept my clothes on for Scott's party :p ! I'll be there to help at some stage, I might even do it NUDE :LOL: .
  5. Please promise that you wont be operating a chainsaw if you go the nude option. Stay clear of hedgetrimmers and scythes as well.
  6. Ohh gee thanx Deyago. I want people to HELP, I don't need you to scare them away!!! :p :twisted:
  7. In return for getting carpet burn on my knees with the Bulk Depatment Manager, anyone want to give me some "bike" riding tips on Sat? I had to really work to get that bin! heheheh A bit of training would be most appreciated. Maybe during lunch break...
  8. Why did you have to pick Saturday ??? If you're coming to coffee on Friday I'll let you know then if I can make it. I don't have a chainsaw, but what I do have I'm happy to bring with me if I can make it.
  9. Its kind of on Saturday, but mainly on Sunday. I will be at coffee early this week (just after 5) cause I gotta work at sexpo and start there at 8, so I will be leaving early.
  10. I would, Deb, but I'll be doing the Hall's Gap run....if you're doing it again, I'll help out when I can!

    :D :D :D
  11. I figured this meant it was on Saturday. Sunday is probably easier for me to make it to - will see if I can get a few hours pass out from the other half to come and demolish something for you.
  12. Well, Knightrider, if you ended up with carpet burn on your knees from lodging the request, sound to me like you've been thanked enough already :p

    This one's probably pushin it a bit, eh mods???

    Sorry, couldn't help it, it was just sittin there waitin to be said..... :p
  13. Any chance of a personal demonstration of this technic ? it might come in handy for when i ask for a pay rise !!

    :LOL: :twisted: :LOL:
  14. :-$ Bob.

    C'mon everyone one! Saturday, Sunday, either or both. We need the help and you know Deb deserves it!

    Deb, will ask on Friday what time the bin will be delivered approximately.
  15. I'm in but I too will have to fit a bit of sexpo in. Perhaps we can wonder down there after coffee?

    I could probably do both days but it will be a reasonably late start being a man of leisure. But it should be good to work up a bit of a sweat for a change rather than pounding keys all day.
  16. Well gee wiz I would love to help, especially since it was partially my idea but alas I shall be at Halls Gap. So don't piss and moan when all the girlies can't do the work..... Have fun guys.......... :)

  17. Well I am leaving coffee at about 7:30ish for sexpo if you wanna tag along. Hey!! that will leave your Saturday and Sunday free :D Gee, thanx for the offer matt :wink:
  18. Mate I will have a look for you and should be able to do the work for you.
    I REALLY dont want anyone cutting trees near Power Lines. I am an Arborist, so I am qualified to do this for the little Handbag Rider :shock: :p :p :p .

    Just PM me your addy as I am on the road and out and about your way I can swing by for a drive by and have a looksy.

  19. Anyone any good with plastering walls or a bit of home carpetry?

    A couple of Debs cornices (I think thats the proper name for the bit of timber or plaster which sits at the top of the wall hard up against the ceiling to give it a decorative effect.) have fallen down with all this rain and busted.

    If we can replace those two I think it would be a good touch.

    Deb hang onto a peice thats fallen down so we can match it up at the hardware store.
  20. Consider me tagging!!!! You can show me all the good bits. :D :wink: =P~ (what happened to those eroticons?)