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HP4 rider in the Capital

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by gemballa1980, May 13, 2016.

  1. Hey all,

    First time poster, long time reader!

    I've not long (3 months) picked up a late 2013 BMW HP4 that I had shipped to Canberra over from Perth.

    She's my first litre bike (up from a 500) and while it's well beyond my skill level and was originally only looking at either a base S1000RR or 899, the deal I scored on the HP4 was just too good to pass up. And so glad I went with it!

    It's a 2013 HP4 Standard edition.

    Mods so far:
    Genuine HP4 Comp Carbon belly pan
    HP Rearsets
    HP adj. Leavers
    Weighted bar ends (throttlemeister)
    Yoshimuria tail tidy
    Evotech Rad and oil guards
    Evotech spindles.
    TechSpech grips
    MRA DB tinted screen

    I'm now deciding whether to get the genuine BMW Race 688 Link pipe (De-Cat) or to go with an aftermarket pipe. The HP4's come with a full Titanium system with cat.

    I'm planning on hanging around here a bit more and if you see me on the streets, shout out!

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  2. Welcome mate and nice ride
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  3. That bike is glorious. Welcome.
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  4. Welcome to NR..

    And nice bike..

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  5. welcome aboard :) nice ride
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  6. Welcome mate - BEAUT of a bike.
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  7. Welcome. I might see you around Canberra. I live southside but work northside and commute most days on my white Tiger. Also be sure to check out the Canberrariders group
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  8. gday gemballa1980gemballa1980 welcome to NR - that is a beautiful looking bike. don't worry about the bike being more advanced that your riding level, I think many of us fit that description. modern bikes just have so much tech on them.
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  9. Lovely!

    and welcome :cool:
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  10. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.
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  11. Thanks all for the warm welcome.
    One quick question, is there an easy way to change the look of the forum layout? To a standard list view rather than the bloated look; especially the front Forum page?