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Howzit from South Africa!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dingaan, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Met a great couple from Australia a couple of years ago. They were touring through Africa on 750 Yamaha Tenere.

    This prompted me to move touring Australia on a bike to very high on my priority list, starting with the Australian Safari next year. Not a tour, but while my wife is on tour, I need to do something, right!

    Any-case. Hope to learn more of the riding conditions and the people on this here forum!

  2. Welcome mate.......

    My best buddy has family in South-African near Cape Town.....crazy stories :D

    Hope your time here in Aus (when touring) lives up to expectations.....what bike do you plan on using for the trip?
  3. The idea is to enter the Australian Safari next year. For that I would have liked to bring my 690 Rally with, but think probably cheaper to rent a bike over there.

    After the rally I might want to be a bit of touring on a bigger bike with my wife. The dry and dusty parts of Australia is where my heart is pointing to. Looks absolutely awesome! Don't know if my wife would appreciate all the sand though! lol
  4. Sand 'aint the problem..............it's the bull-dust..............faaaarrrrking fine grain powder.......gets everywhere!

    Make sure to knock out the air-filter regularly (y)
  5. Welcome mate and good luck with the trip if you can make it.

  6. Howzit? NOT OUT!

    Seriously though, welcome! And if you come over here, can you bring me some more of Mrs H.S. Ball's Hot Chutney? I love that shit...
  7. Thats Lekker Man - watch out for the saltpiels and roonecks here though :) oh yean and the plasjappies as well
  8. Thanks guys!
  9. You can buy Mrs Ball's from most Woolworth s shops.
  10. It's plaasjapies............mate.