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how's your lean angle?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by FZRSpock, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. [img:700:466:f210c4dd86]http://www.mcnews.com.au/motorcycleracing2006/motogp/rnd14/gallery_h/images/_B5F0008.jpg[/img:f210c4dd86]

    thats nuts :shock:

  2. Looks like the MC News server is down at the moment...
  3. Capirex is the lean angle King.



  4. your photos? Doh never mind saw the links later.
  5. My bike was just as low as that first pic about 45mins ago...
    ...thought the stand was down when i went to get off, and it wasn't, bike flung tpo the ground with me halfon/half off trying to stop it from hitting the concrete, came within a few centimetres. was a close one.

    i screamed out for help but the only guy that was around at my work is deaf, and he was spitting distance away but had his back turned lol.

    i got it upright without it hitting the ground 1sore knee and 4 stretched knuckles later.
  6. i could never get that low on my street tyres unless i go down with the bike
  7. Impossible on street tyres... and impossible for mortals like us.
  8. Was told with todays street tyres you will only get between 50-55 degrees of lean.
  9. Pfft! Thats nothing.
    I can get my elbow down.
    Followed by my shoulder.
    Followed by my head.
    Followed by my own motorcycle sliding over me.
  10. You might get a bit more, but you prolly ain't gonna come up from it :LOL:
  11. thats nuts.. gotta have some serious guts to try that for a first time. but i guess for them it is just a walk in the park.
  12. About 51° (claimed) by companies for their premium street tyres, like Pilot Power 2CT's.

    A little more perhaps from street legal race tyres like Pirelli Supercorsa and Michelin Power Race.
  13. Do they make elbow sliders?
    These okies need some.
  14. I was looking at some 16.5" slick a couple of weeks ago and they had an extra 1" of rubber at the edge of the tyre compared to the 17" slicks used in Aussie rounds.
    I'm not sure what size the 250's are using now but they can get a bit more lean than a 600 because of the increased ground clearance and lighter weight.
  15. ONLY??? :shock:
  16. Since I got the blue pills, my lean angle is rockin'!
  17. Pfft, Lean...

  18. That is sooo cool
    Drifting like that is a whole diferent perspective on riding.
  19. Wait, got to get my protractor, its hard to measure it when you are lean over, scraping your boots and having loads of fun :LOL:
  20. That picture is he sliding it or is he about to low side the bike?