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Hows this winter

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by yohcaptain, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. when i got Ls during winter my M8s told me it was a stupid time to get it :? but how lovely it has been for us two wheelers . :grin: . feel sorry for the farmers and our dams :cry: but geez what a riding winter time its been . :p . out of all the years has this been the best winter season so far for you as a rider :?:

  2. Seeing as I've spent this winter in pain and injured I'd say no :grin:

    Last years winter was similar, lots of nice sunny days and hardly any wet ones. So I was enjoying the VTR during the winter period for sure. We've definitely had all year round 'easy' riding weather past year or two.
  3. Yeah the days have been nice and warm, although riding at night sometimes sees the teeth chattering quite a bit. Oh yeah and this winter I bought my v-twin which added a bit of a high point.
  4. Yeah dry it may be, but that also means no snow! That equally sucks as I hang to go snowboarding each year too. This has been one of the worst years for snow that I can remember! :cry:

    ...Got my bike though! :LOL:
  5. I've been freezing my butt off.

    I can't wait for spring to finish arriving.
  6. I heard on a news report the other day that this has been the dryest August (talking Melbourne here) in 20 years.
  7. I'm with you NR, hanging for some decent snow, it was either spend $3k on an NZ trip or get me first bike. I'd say I made a pretty good investment. It's been a good winter for me eventhough the snow has been so crap, but I found a different kind of riding!!

    I got my bike mid July does that count as a Winter's riding?[/quote]
  8. I will 3rd that :evil: ,no snow suuuuuuux bigstyle!!!!!you give me a choice of riding,or sking,even after 20 odd years of both,I will choose sking everytime,we only get a pultry 3 months maximum to ski,and this year hasnt even been that!
  9. This is my first winter riding and it was bloody cold and wet at 6:00am in the morning :shock:
  10. Ahhhhh yes, winter.

    Well today its sunny and 27 degrees, with a beautiful sea breeze blowing in off the ocean.

    In fact its a typical summer weather pattern.

    Gotta love Perth.
  11. I know.

    My last job often (ie every f***ing fortnight) required me to start at 5:30am. I got stuck with it more often than not, and it's not only cold at 4:30am, you have to worry about roos, too. I'm sure it's the same where you are.

    I almost got hit one morning. Stupid thing decided it wouldn't jump the cement barrier in the middle of the Parkway and turned back my way.
  12. yeah, I gotta agree.....
    this winter has been very dry.
    I reckon I rode in more rain during april/may than I have all winter.
    Especially the ride back from Yarram on the gippy ride, rained the entire way til I reached home some 250 k's later.
  13. Duffman in 5 years, bloody hell it's hot 45C stinking humidity, gotta love global warming. :rofl:
  14. Been pretty sweet in Brisbane too: 7 weeks riding so far and last night was the first time I really rode in the rain. Most days have been warm, sunny, dry roads and mid 20s. After Canadian winters for the past 5 years, this is nirvana.
  15. Yeah cause global warming will have melted all the ice caps and all our cities will be underwater except for the Alice! Imagine that, we'd all have to live in the area of no speed limits :cool:
  16. Yeah cause global warming will have melted all the ice caps and all our cities will be underwater except for the Alice! Imagine that, we'd all have to live in the area of no speed limits :cool:
  17. movin - I've bagged 23 days skiing so far, there's a possibility of another 2, but it's a bit of along shot.

    It has been a terrible winter for more than just the ski industry, this drought is the reason for the abyssmal snowfalls, but also for the lack of rain for the farmers etc.
  18. Im going to thredbo tomorrow for 9 days ,just hope there is snow left ,im packing my skis and a snorkel and flippers.
  19. I agree!
    I have only been drowned a hand full of times!
    Drizzel Doesn't Count! Although its just as dangerous!

  20. Yeah Im on about 10 days,and hopefully this weekend or at least 1-2 more to come-snow dependant, and no doubt there still has been enough to have fun,especially compared to Buller-well nothing new under the sun there.But theres only so many times you can do Village loop :tantrum: again and again at Hotham,afore it gets bit repetitive.Heavenly being mogul and rock city has claimed several chunky grooves in my bases this season,when theres been enough cover-just.