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How's This for Irony? - WRX Stacks into Motorcycle Sign

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. On Tonight's WIN news a report of a woman who had to be freed from a Rex that t-boned a power pole that had a "Motorcycle Black Spot" sign on it. It was somewhat prominent in the vision too.

    Happened near Noojee somewhere today (Mon).

    She was participating in a WRX Club run.

    Imagine coming across that lot on a ride...
  2. No more ironic than a motorcyclist losing control and hitting a "Trucks slow down" sign.

    I always found it interesting that as you head into more remote roads, where a proportionally higher amount of traffic is made up of motorcyclists and car clubs, the signs go from 'car spinout' signs to 'motorcycle spinout' signs...

    Fact is, motorcyclists and sportscar drivers alike should take heed of the warnings, regardless of what vehicle is drawn on the 'high crash risk' sign.
  3. It isn't surprising though. There are two sorts of rider groups that exist with nothing more than worm food on their foreheads. The first is the talented rider who goes cheap and pushes a machine not designed for performance thats pushed too hard. The second is the wannabe hit hoon who has the equipment but no talent! The rest of us keep going in the middle.

    As for rexxy drivers, eehh! there likeshark teeth always another one ready to replace the next.
  4. In reality there's not much difference between a lot of sports bike riders and sporty car drivers in the way and locations they come unstuck :roll:
  5. Pffft.
    Says the bloke on an R1! :LOL: :roll:

    Please show some respect to an incident that could've easily become a fatality.
    I was there and it did not hit the bike sign.
    We are very much like you guys in the way we share our passion.
    Unfortunately from time to time, we come un-stuck. Some of us fare better than others.
    The occupants were OK & are on the road to a speedy recovery.
    Daz. :wink:
    WRX driver & Z1000 rider. :cool:
  6. So, the pole that the Rex was wrapped around and which the motorcycle blacksign was bolted to was an illusion, was it?

    I wish that I had taped the news. I would've ripped the segment, AVI'ed it and posted it for you folks to look at. The sign was most prominent being just above the vehicle.

    But then you probably mean that the car didn't hit the sign itself....

    Like I said, the irony of it got to me. All this hoohah about motorcycle blackspots and high risk motorcycle road signs, etc. and what do we see - an AWD car that is renowned for its roadholding, decorating a pole with one of these signs above it.
  7. Correct. An illusion.
    I am sifting through Incident Photos here and the sign is clearly a good 2 metres from the impact.
    <Back on topic>
  8. Could you please post it somewhere?

  9. she doesn't want motorcyclist to see the sign. fair enough.
  10. I saw the news too and now I want the pix. C'mon post 'em.
    We're still on topic.
  11. Things are not always as they seem on first viewing. Everyone has watched the football where the video ref looking at the incident from all the available angles has come up with a different ruling to what was first thought.

    Anyway crashing anything sux! For all we know they may be a very good driver and they just stuffed up. Let the poor person keep some of their dignity, they probably feel like crap already, let alone splashing it all over the internet.

    Perhaps we could start a new thread. I have never crashed or done something stupid on my (fill in vehicle type car, truck, bus, snow mobile, jet ski.........).
  12. Not in this case. The car wrapped around that pole was not illusory in any way.

    Some people are missing the point of the whole thread, despite the tangent that it's going off on. That a car is wrapped around a pole with a sign displaying a warning to motorcyclists about that road being hazardous to them...

    And given that this is a motorcycle forum, frequented by motorcyclists with a healthy "respect" for "cagers"...

    Maybe this is one of those times where we go "whooosh..."
  13. The younger generations don't get irony anymore mate, it's a type of humour, like puns, that is too much hard work to enjoy.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. mjt57 please post your clip / evidence of the incident so that I can appreciate the irony with my own eyes.
  15. Read my second post of this thread for a response to this.
  16. so there are 3 types?
  17. I dont know which way this will swing but in the absence of other photos.....

    From WIN News wesite:

    Thompson Valley Accident

    A lucky escape for a Subaru Car Club member.

    A police investigation is underway into a crash that claimed the life of a Drouin man on Saturday.

    The forty-seven-year old was killed when his van hit a tree on Hamiltons Road in Warragul South.

    Meanwhile, a twenty-six-year old woman had to be cut from her vehicle when it hit a pole just north of Rawson yesterday.

    She was taking part in a Subaru Impreza Car Club meet, which she lost control of her car, which spun one hundred and eighty degrees before hitting the pole.

    She was flown to Melbourne in a stable condition.
  18. Sorry, I just had to...