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Hows this for gopro footage?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by lornetkowiec, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. This is absolutely INSANE!!


    Much respect
  2. I LOVE this ! Would have loved seeing a barrel roll or two though ( ;) ). Seriously, this guy is a LEGEND. Who needs their own private aircraft anymore ?
    Absolutely AWESOME (y)
  3. Jeb Corliss hehe. That guy is awesome. Anyone ever seen the Fearless doco of him?

    This is the vid where he nearly makes tomato paste of himself on a rock ledge isn't it?
    edit: nup was wrong. Will try and find it. I thought he learnt not to try and go near waterfalls after last time.
  4. That's 15 shades of awesome. However -to quote Buzz Lightyear, to my mind, thats more "falling with style" rather than flying :)
  5. That was an awesome video. Great choice of background music and the scenery is just amazing. :D
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    here it is. Think it's the same jump with different footage. I reckon he makes the edge by about 2-3 metres.


    Couldn't find the whole fearless vid anywhere, its in parts on youtube. I can upload it if someone asks nicely.
  7. pretty impressive.

    i'm interested in how much control he actually has over the rate of descent.
  8. "Fall Slower and Farther
    The average skydiver plummets towards the surface of the Earth at a rate of 120 mph (193 kph) and can soar horizontally at 30 to 60 mph (48 to 97 kph). Typical wingsuit flyers fall at a rate of 50 to 60 mph (81 to 97 kph) and can jet through the air at 70 to 90 mph (113 to 145 kph) [source: Birdman, Inc.]"

    At the extreme fringe, they would be able to achieve much greater speeds forward and slower downward
  9. yeah, ok. but once he chooses a line, he pretty much is committed to it, only being able to veer left and right as he plummets to earth.

    i can't imagine him being able to "pull up and over" something at the last minute.

    guy's got some balls!
  10. well, there would only be a certain amount that it's possible to fly forwards over a period of time, but he would be able to manoeuvre within that pretty well I think. When you're travelling at upwards of 100k's into an airflow a small change in position will translate to change of direction fairly quickly. Not sure if it was in the linked vid, but there is one clip of him flying through a ravine where he has to change direction through it. Happens pretty fast.