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How's this for bad luck

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CBRSteve, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. A friend of my wife's gave birth yesterday. My Mrs went to visit her last night and found her in tears.

    The storm that whipped through Bayswater last night (and what a beauty it was too) caused a tree to fall on their house.

    It destroyed the nursery.

    Man that is terrible. Good things bubs didn't come early :shock:
  2. I'd say that's good luck mate, for the reason you hinted at. If the tree was ready, better now than in 6 months...

  3. That's what I call good luck.

    Better now than in a weeks time.
  4. i'll just copycat what they're saying :LOL:

    shit as it is, its better now that when kiddies are in there :(
  5. i would just be repeating the above,

    better the loss of a few items then the loss of a child.
  6. Yep glass is half full when i look at that one!
  7. Definately good luck , easier to replace a nursery , on the same sorta subject there was a dentist in my old home town who was a very disliked man , he bought himself a harley and had it delivered to his house , he is sitting in the driveway warming it up for its 1st ride and a tree falls on him killing him instantly .... now thats bad luck some people arent meant to ride
  8. It is definately good luck. At least it only did damage to things that are covered by insurance.
  9. Please tell me the hardley got crushed too :)

  10. hell yeah it was a big bugger of a tree