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NSW However, some police do get respect

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ljiljan, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. There has been, spotted once or twice, an unmarked XR6 hanging around the Beverly Hills and Narwee area recently. Not to hard to spot, plain bright green with flashers on the back beside the plate. Not as obvious from the front though, but still has the suspect police look about it.

    The other day I was heading east along Broad Arrow Rd sitting on 65. The road is about 5 or 6 lanes wide, straight as an arrow for about 2 km. The name of the road speaks for itself really. Anyway, it also has a speed limit of 50, which can be quite frustrating when sitting behind people who actually do 50. But time has taken its toll on the road, and what may have once been a popular thoroughfare is now a fairly quiet backstreet.

    I was not paying particular attention, had another car bit over 100m infront of me when I get flashed high-beams by another car coming the opposite direction, about level with the car infront. Once the lights turn off, the falcon materialises. A hand out the window in acknowledgement and thanks and I continue on my merry way.

    A few times over the years I have received the headlights of the odd HWP car or a slow down wave from the uniformed barber or just completely ignored and it is greatly appreciated. When they could choose to play the power trip and greatly inconvenience me of several points and hundreds of dollars, they acknowledge that my riding/driving is safe and warn me to keep it reasonable. I've received much more trouble and hostility from bored general duties cops roaming round trying to stir trouble than I have HWP, and for that I give the nsw HWP some credit.
  2. Its true enough that a wave from a cop or something like that is as good as them pulling you over and 'unofficially' warning you. Why they dont make that common practice is beyond me.
    Its usually the ones with attitude or a point to prove thatll pull you over and speak to you.
  3. Good on you Lilley, for providing balance.
    I've seen that Falcon too, when I was riding behind it recently on (I think) King Georges.
  4. However, the bastard that sits hiding in the shadows of the Alfords Point Bridge at 2am will continue to receive my merciless withering scorn.
  5. That and the two HWP cars south of cessnock that tailgate you to try and make you speed if they see you on P plates... plus the one cop in the green bommodore HWP who does the above, and who then sticks his crotch in the window if the driver turns out to be female, passing on a not so subtle hint (and yes, there are dozens of young women who will attest in the cessnock area).
  6. Have them buy the $25 camera set up and film it - then send it to today tonight

    the guy wont be a cop much longer after that
  7. yeah a few cops over the years have just given me a flash of their lights, and one even gave me the lights AND sirens! (i nearly crapped my pants) as i'd accidentally gone through a bit late at an orange light.

    but then they kept driving after i pulled over, without lights or sirens, and waved at me too!

    thank goodness for the good guys!!!
  8. This is quite standard when a cop wants to get somewhere fast and quietly. They will only use the sirens at red lights. He probably wasn't giving it to you.
  9. no, completely at me. did a full u-turn to come get me, i pulled over, he went to pull over, and then turned lights and sirens off and continued driving.
  10. ^^ that can mean they've been called to something more pressing (like a robbery at krispy kreme)

    i've had disco lights once before with no further action. 20km/h over, which given my lack of points is walking territory for me, (plus i'm automatically on a murderous rampage given i was in a truck). all i got was the need to change my undies.

    had a hand wave from a foot-bound chokey too. more heavily populated area, standing there with a hand-held looking menacing. 15km/h over.

    i've found if you're not being an asshelmet cops are less inclined to care that you're a few km over the stupid sign
  11. Wow, 15 over. If you did that in Melbourne they'd shoot you as you rode past. lol
  12. Brother and I had "the wave" up near Palm Beach from one with the hair dryer on the side of the road and a bit of a nod, nothing major only 10ks. Might have helped that he was on a bike too.

    The one that got us was twenty minutes later when the brother dived into a service station on mona vale road on fumes to fill up. Did a u turn to slip in, I couldn't because of on coming traffic so did it in the side road. By the time I pulled in I followed a XR6 Turbo with the lights on and pulled up right behind the brother as he was filling up. We thought there must have been a hold up! Cop was fairly good to chat too and thought it was good, but surprised us with a ticket at the end. I thought we were doing alright !

    Brother beat it anyway, wrote a letter, good history, might have been the two years overseas that helped !!!

    Like everything else in the world, some are good some are d*ks.
  13. haha nah was in a work ute, cop was probably amazed the piece of crap was capable of speeding
  14. I was talking to Lilley. Nonetheless, I'm surprised they didn't shoot you to assess your tyres if its a POS.
  15. There have been a couple of times I have had cops just say slow down with a wave. This is normally with motorbike cops though.
    I like how there are still cops that can think for themselves and assess if you're simply being stupid or just a little over the limit.
  16. My cousin and myself where just cautioned a couple of weeks ago for speeding, cousin was flying when finally pulled over and just got a lecture and told off for setting a bad example to a learner LOL.

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  17. After fretting over a $500 fine for 8 months for taking a week to get the car i totalled towed, someone from the local has finally noticed that i clearly did the best i could within the limits of what i knew and my disability and withdrawn it.

    I think i'm relieved enough to want to think nice thoughts about whoever withdrew it, instead of staying bitter at whoever wrote the damn thing rather than taking the 5 steps to tell me something was wrong.~
  18. Won't see that sort of thing anymore, nowadays as soon as the happy lights go on their vid cameras turn on automatically.
  19. From what I can see and what I've been told, discretion still lies with the officer. Don’t get me wrong, might be a little harder to explain for the officer as to why he issued a warning, but if it’s that hard to explain you are probably doing something fairly outside the grey/warning area.

    From what I can see, nothing in the legislation in regards to in car cameras seems to take away the aspect of discretion. More so exemptions in regards to the Surveillance Devices Act, in NSW anyway