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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by peterb, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    I`m new on netrider, but have been a long time rider, road and track.
    Moved form Europe about 2years ago and finally saved up some money for my 1st bike here.
    I`m from melbourne south east, and looking for a bike, probably road/touring bike something like a bandit 1200, hornet600/900, z1000, maybe even gsx-r or r1/6, zx6/9.
    Would like to pay somewhere between 4000-6000$, depends on condition of the bike, i`m also intrested in an accident damaged bike to put back on the road.


  2. Hey Peter, welcome back to bikes! :grin:

    Oh, and NR too :p

    Plenty of info to be found here on NR to answer all of your Q's, and then some!
    Just spend some time cruising this site, anything that isn't answered I'm sure someone will be more than happy to help you with :grin:
  3. Hi Peter. Welcome to NR.
  4. Hi Peter. I went up Bluff road on my way home this morning, dodging through the 4WDs and pushbikes in Black Rock. May see you around.
  5. Welcome Aboard Peter!
  6. thanks guy`s,

    How do i reply to a post on the bikes for sale topic?
    I`m intrested in the hornet for sale by BJ, just dont know how to contact him :?:
    Once i get a bike, i hope to meet you guy`s on the road somewhere :twisted:

  7. No one who can tell me :?:
  8. looks like i can contact him after 7posts :roll:
  9. 2more to go then :cool:
  10. almost there :)
  11. and 7 :grin:
  12. Hey Pete, meant to also say, I'm relatively local to you as well, live in Cheltenham, other side of Nepean Hwy :grin:
    I'm sure you'll find quite a few 'locals' to ride with once you get a bike :cool: