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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by link, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Hi All

    Just joined up and wanted to say howdy and introduce myself, names Rick but go by Link at moment currently riding a yellow honda spada down in the illawarra region but soon to be stepping up to something bit bigger.

    I ride with a few Illawarra Rider and Rat members from time to time but keen to go anywhere anytime so long as im riding.

    Bit of luck ill bump into some of you out and about on the road :)
  2. Welcome to the madness Rick
  3. Thanks Coda

    It already has been madness :? i paid the membership to get into classifieds yestderday and still cant get in to post my bike.

    SO many members and posts gonna take me ages to go through this site though but looking forward to it and learning few things :)
  4. Welcome to Netrider, Link.

    Two questions; Do you come to town? And if so, for what reason?

    (Possibly too-obscure a reference)
  5. Thanks Spots.

    Yeah i head into the gong often and your 2nd question got me wondering why, have you seen me doing something in town i shouldnt have or be embarresed for? lol :LOL:

    Usually just cruise in for coffee, meet up with clients or hit the bike shops, if im riding with my mates they usually want to swing past the busy streets to check out the talent up there.
  6. BIG welcome and have fun.