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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by edwardsjoel, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm new here as i have blatently pointed out while posting in the "Newbies" section.

    I just bought a 2003 GSXR600 three weeks ago and i am looking to get some riding done. Only problem being is none of my mates ride! Hence why i have joined your forum/community.

    First Up, im 22 and an Account Manager. I Live in Glenorie which if your not sure where that is, it is about 15-20 mins towars dural from Wisemans Ferry or simply 10 mins towards Wisemans Ferry past Dural.

    My first bike was a 92' CB250 which i sold back in March this year after getting my full licence and clocking up about 10,000kms. Since buying my new bike i hadn't ridden in close to a year simply due to the fact of time and having a company car. I still have the company car but really wanted a new bike so here I am!

    After about 6 months scouring the web for a decent GSXR or Ninja i finally came across the bike i now have in my possession.
    This was an exceptional find and my patience paid off waiting all those months.
    I picked up a Blue & White 2003 GSXR600 with only 2600km's on it. I bought it off the original owner who had a Full Service History as well as sale papers. The bike has clear indicators and a Carbon Fibre Tri-oval Yoshi bolt on Pipe and 12 months rego. Had it Revs Checked and got it inspected and a few days later it was mine. The best thing about it was I got it for only $8300!

    Anyway, thats my life story... sort of :p
  2. welcome mate..

    i also just joined this wonderful website...

    nice bike and great job you have there, mate...
  3. Welcome :). Quite a few of our Netriders live in the Great North West, and the weekly Saturday coffee meet is not that far away, at the Mean Fiddler at Rouse Hill. Roll up and show off :LOL:.
  4. I was thinking of coming on the weekend however i couldnt make it due to other committments. I really want to go on the ride this coming weekend however I have to look after my Daughter while my wife is at work in the morning. so that wont be happening either lol