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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by flea, Nov 18, 2006.

  1. Hey People

    Just thought i would introduce myself. Just started riding (even though been pillioning for years) so need to get to to know my fellow riders. I've got the girliest bike ever, Purple Suzuki Across (love that storage space) with fluro orange wheels :grin:
    Still on my loser plates but that will be sorted in a couple of weeks.
    If anyone else is in the Hawthorn area I'm always up for a ride. :)


  2. lol, my friends dog is named flea-bag (aka flea) but my mum pretends its short for felicia... ha.

    welcome.... im sure you are quite studly and not like a dog at all :)
  3. Hey Flea,

    I knew a girl called herself Flee, short for Felicity. I don't think she rides though.
    I'm always going through Camberwell area kinda. gimme a shout if you wanna head to the hills out east.

    Oh yes and welcome.
  4. Well just to clarify Flea comes from my highschool days where I had a friend that put an F in front of my actual name which is Leah, and well Fleah just got shortened :)

    and it stuck
  5. welcome m8 and there is nothing girlish about your bike at least you will stand out in a crowd :LOL:
  6. Well, flea Leah, welcome to Netrider, and to the endless stream of Across jokes your bike can and does generate. I hope along with good humour, you have a thick skin :LOL:
  7. purple & orange???? FMD!!

    ahhhh kidding.

    welcome to NR
  8. Welcome Flea. No doubt you will cope endless stirring about the Across, they're just jealous they don't have the storage space. :wink:
  9. Welcome Flea :)
  10. :) Welcome Flea
  11. Thanks Guys,

    And as far as the jokes about my Bike go........Bring it! :cool: