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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tweekz, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. Hey all just a quick hello and introducing myself..
    My names mat and i live in sydney, been riding for roughly 3 weeks so i am still learning a great deal on bikes, but i love riding my bike. I have a Honda CBR250RR and its a great bike. Hope to make it to the cruise through the national park, i have only been there twice on the bike but i think i will be fine.. Thanks ! ! ( would post some pics but dont know how to haha.. ) :roll: [/img]

  2. Welcome to the forum, tweekz

    You'd certainly be welcome on our rides, but it's probably best that you didn't come on the ride today, check out the ride report, it was a long day and a long distance. Come along and meet the gang at our next 'coffee' night at Homeush Bay Brewery
  3. Hi Tweeks and welcome to the forum ,hope to see you out on a ride or coffee night .

    That it easy out there champ.

    Cheers Sled.
  4. G'day Tweeks. :)
  5. thanks :) where can i find details on the homebush meet up ?
  6. welcome, welcome...

    take it easy through the "natio".

    have fun.
  7. Howdy mat :grin:
  8. G'day mat, details of the last coffee meet and location found here,
    But check any of Dante's posts because he always has up-to-date details of rides/events in his sig..
  9. Howdy :) and welcome aboard :)

    Stay safe and have fun :)
  10. Hello!

    Another sydney sider :grin:

    Ride safe.