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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by mustang1966coupe, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Howdy Folks

    Long time browser and now first time poster.

    After 20 odd years without touching a bike, my Mrs gave me permission late last year to go an get my licence. (previous experince was on a trail bike)

    Mrs and I both got our L's last week and we picked up our 1st bike today an early 80's XJ650 with 8 months rego for $1500. This will do us for the mean time, to gain experince on the roads, prior spending $10,000 + on a nice much newer bike.

    Just wanted to say hi.

  2. Welcome to you both and congrats on the L's and the purchase. Have lots of fun with the new addition to the household.
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  4. Mark,
    Was this the Black XJ650 on eBay? Damn, I was watching that as well to see how high it would climb. Oh well, you snooze you lose. Please let me know what the bike is like. I was very interested in it but it still had a few days to go....sigh....

  5. Thanks for the Welcome guys.

    Dante, the coffee sounds great at the brewrey and I will have to check my work roster and the home roster with the mrs. :)


    Sorry that was the bike. I went and took a look at it on Tuesday, and went back with a friend + test ride yesterday. The bike rides very nice, and needs the tank to be re-painted + some other minor cosmectic work.

    I am not sure where in Sydney you are but in the Trading Post there is a Suzuki GR650 for sale for $1500 at Glendenning, it was my next port of call after this bike. The RTA website says the GR650 is LAMS approved.
  6. Congrats on getting back into riding :)

    Keep an eye on the fuel tank on the XJ for incipient rust... it's the main reason for earlier XJ's having starting, running or stopping problems.

    They can rust at the lower points in the tank where water in the fuel gathers and those points are lower than the fuel pickups so it just sits.

    Other than that you can't kill em!
  7. Welcome Mark, and, I guess, Mrs Mark.

    Nice choice for the first bike back after a layoff; I'm glad you didn't get the Suzuki, I seem to remember that at least some versions of that bike had some incipient starter-motor problems.

    Look forward to meeting you and riding with you one day soon.
  8. Welcome to the forums Mark. Congrats to you and your wife on achieving your L's and on the purchase of your bike.