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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Dante, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. so is there any sort of hazing ritual i have to go through to particpate on this forum. :LOL:

  2. Howdy....

    Yes, there is....

    You have to listen to everyone saying "HI" and several welcoming you to the madhouse :LOL:


    PS, welcome to the madhouse ;)
  3. oooh now thats asking for trouble :p

    best ya just spin a few words about yourself, where you're from and what sort of bikes you're into ;)

    Welcome to the forum
  4. Yes, post your greeting to the correct forum for starters :p

    Don't panic, I'll fix it for you ;)
  5. Hi and welcome to the friendliest MC forum on the web (at least i think so).
  6. i have full licence.

    previously had gpx750r
    l/p on a honda cm 250 8 years ago.

    didnt think i was a new rider. :p

    have only come off on my 250 after i finished l/p's it was in the wet.
  7. G'day Dante from a netrider in the far far far south

    Welcome to netriders, if your from smelbourne then no doubt GRoberts will be along to invite you to coffee soon :wink:

    I've just got meself a GPx750R, be good to hear what you think about the beasts.

  8. sydney (hornsby) here

    enjoyed the kawa while i had it was good around town as well as the freeway. i found the seat a bit hard on longer trips.
  9. So far I'm enjoying it, the seat has been a godsend after the narrow across seat.