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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by deafwish, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. Hello fellow riders!
    Just introducing myself....... :roll:
    I have owned a black VTR 250 which i sold about 5 months ago and am in the process of buying a 1998 Honda Hornet 600 (in blue).
    I'm in Mt. Waverley (Melbourne), so when i get my bike in the next week or two, i'll catch up for a ride with you guys/ gals if you are friendly enough :wink: .

  2. Welcome Daz , to the only sane place on the net :D
  3. Welcome to the madness Daz.

    Look forward to putting a face to the name.

  4. Welcome deafwish, enjoy the lunacy of netriders :D

    If all goes as normal, Groberts will be along shortly to invite you to Friday coffee 8)

  5. Quick, can someone hide this post from Hornet????

    Seriously, welcome to the nuthouse!!!
  6. Welcome deafwish. Another blue hornet hey. Now Hornet600 has a twin. He also has a 1998 Blue Honda Hornet 600. Hope you enjoy your time on the forums.


    HEY Defwish, welcome to the forum, (for no particular reason!) :roll:
  8. Ha!
    Thanks for the warm welcome!
    BTW, does anyone know a transport company that can bring an UN crated bike from Sydney down to Melbourne for me?
    Any ideas on cost?
    Daz. :wink:
  9. In all seriousness it'd prolly be cheaper to fly up there and ride it back down :). That is unless you can get transport for under $200-$250.
  10. I don't really have appropriate riding gear for an 8 hour trip in the middle of WINTER! :shock:
    Rather pay for freight......
  11. I'll ride it down there for you!!!!! (or you could get one of the highly responsible Melbourne Netriders to do the same?!?!
  12. And way more fun :wink:
    You could drop in on Hornet600 / RC36 on the way back as well.

    Tell you what, gimme a one way ticket to Sydney from Hobart, and a one way ticket from Melb to Hobart, and I'll go get it for you. :twisted:

  13. Re: TOO LATE

    He hey!
    Nice ride!
    No doubt i will be CONSTANTLY PM'ing you when i get my bike!
    Spewing your in NSW. :roll:
    No-ones perfect! :LOL:
  14. JJ, that off hasn't dampened you spirit, has it?
  15. Hey deaf
    try these people
    Allwest motorcycle carriers

    Phone 02 9603 2979


    0408 248 382

    Name is Geoff, I picked up his business card in my local M/C shop the other day.

  16. PFFFT, Ya gotta buy it sometime :wink:

    Go to a bike store and ask for a set "on approval", send it back to them from Melb with a note saying "thanks a lot, but I've decided not to buy them after all, as I don't like the colour/finish/style (insert dodgey reason here)"

    Just pick a dodgy bike store who rips people off and nobody likes, then you'll be a hero as well :p

  17. I just did a quote online and jetstar can get you from melbourne to Sydney for $79 (including taxes) next saturday 23/7. I love these cheap flights.

    It's making me seriously think about flying down early before the GP @ PI and maye checking out these medal boots everyone is talking about. BTW has anyone organised a Friday Coffee 14/10 meet up on PI the weekend of the races???
  18. hey deafwish. You don't happen to be the deafwish. MC/bboy ?
  19. Never !!, it was only a wee little off... didn't even hurt (except my pride :? )

  20. Check the Netrider events directory
    I think you'll find there is an annual Netrider gathering in Melbourne on the 12th October. (will stand corrected)