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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ivan, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. Yes, I'm yet another newbie... Hello everyone!

    Took delivery of my lovely (not-so) new Suzuki Bandit 250 this morning. At 33 I reckon I'm a little old to be getting my learners and going through the whole 'nervous on the roads' thing again, but I tell ya, zipping round the local streets for 10 minutues before having to leave for work in me car, was fantastic! My gear changes were crap and I kept forgetting to indicate, but who cares about such trifles.

    All day at my desk I was thinking about doing it again as soon as I got home. Well, it turns out I didn't get that chance. It rained a bit, but that's not why ...

    I have lost my f***ing key! First day with my bike, and I lost my only key -- I can't believe it. Oh, I'm sure it'll turn up. It's probably at work. But if I have to get a new keylock barrel thingy (what are these really called?) installed, oh well, I'll just have to do it. But, by God, right at this moment, I'm bloody pissed off.

    Anyone else got any really stupid stories like this? (And I don't mean buying a Suzi... :) )

    Also, anyone got any idea how much it'd cost to get the keylock replaced?

  2. I had to get a new (second hand) ignition put into the Across and from memory it cost me $130 but the across ones are more expensive as they need a particular ignition for the boot opener. I got it installed at Pablos in Mulgrave. Have a look in your helmet....I lost mine the other day and thats where I found it, failing that I usually put my key in my leathers pocket.

    Oh and welcome to the forums Ivan :)
  3. Heya Ivan! your only as old as you feel....and never too old to start a new hobby! My mum is going for her learners (again!) before Christmas.

    Welcome to the forum...catchya on the road!!!

    :D :D :D

  4. [​IMG]
  5. Oi!!! :shock:

    :D :D :D
  6. sorry lil , you posted the same time and beat me in
  7. Gday mate and welcome to the site

  8. Ummm that would be because I have NEVER put my key in my helmet before :roll:
  9. G'day ivan and welcome.

    I wouldn't worry you'll find the key in the last place that you look. :D
  10. I'm one of those people who has to put their key in the same place every day otherwise you watch me running around the house, frothing at the mouth, only to find it in my jacket pocket or somewhere else equally reasonable.

    Welcome to the forums, and good luck with the key.
  11. I have a lanyard that I wear when I am out on the bike....as soon as I turn the bike off, the key is clipped onto the lanyard so I know exactly where it is. At home, I put it in the same spot...all my keys go there. Just like putting my helmet away as soon as I get home so I don't knock it around any more than it already has been!

    :D :D :D
  12. Welcome to the forums Ivan, don't worry your key will turn up and when it does, be sure to get a copy of it cut byyour locksmith (I don't think your regular keycutter/shoe repairer can do it).
  13. Same here but I have a mini carabiner (the rock climbing clips) its got two advantages, all your keys are on the one key ring and when you are on the bike you have the minimum amount of keys in the ignition scratching things as you travel along. The mini carabiners are only about $5-10 at an outdoor store like Kathmandu or mountain designs, head to Smith Street and take your pick of the factory outlets up the top end in Collingwood.

    Ivan, I don't suppose the key is in the ignition or in the boot lock? I've 'lost' my key there a few times.
  14. I always hide my keys, wallet, and phone carefully, so I know exactly whee I have put them. The problem arises after Mr Al Simmers has messed with my head for a few hours. It is then a case of, as my mother would say, "He's got it, but He's got it LOST"!!!
  15. Hey welcome Ivan,

    I'm with lil, I used to lose my keys all the time. Searching the house frantically everytime I wanted to go out. So now, they always go to the same place. That way, even in the dark I can find them :D :roll:
  16. Hey Ivan, and welcome to the forums.

    Quit thinkin about the key, and you'll remember where it is, works everytime....

    But in the meantime, get used to putting it in the SAME place EVERY time you take it out of the ignition!!!

    I'm sure we've all been there before learning that one. :)
  17. Hey Ivan, and welcome to the forums.

    Quit thinkin about the key, and you'll remember where it is, works everytime....

    But in the meantime, get used to putting it in the SAME place EVERY time you take it out of the ignition!!!

    I'm sure we've all been there before learning that one. :)
  18. Welcome Ivan!

    You'll find your key again - one of these days.

    I once found a vespa key still on the scooter. In their rush the owner forgot to take it out of the ignition. Since I was in a good mood that morning I took the key and handed to security. I know the owner got the key back as her scooter always seem to be taking my spot. :?

    Like someone said - I attached me key to a colourful lanyard which I can see mile away.
  19. Hi Ivan. Don't worry too much about the age thing: I am 44 and just got my licence a couple of months ago. Only thing to be aware of is you don't seem to bounce as well as you remember you could....

    Stupid things, yup all the time. There is nothing quite so humbling as trying to figure out for a few minutes why the bike keeps stalling when you put it in gear, and have an eight year old tap you on the leg and ask "Shouldn't you put the sidestand up?". Whimper.

    If you have a sleeve in your jacket, put it there (handy feature on the Dririder). Whenever you need your keys, you are going to need your jacket, right?
  20. Er, remember what I said about stupid things? Most jackets have sleeves. Some even have zipper pockets in them. Whimper.