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Howdy :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Robsute, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Hi, I am from from melbourne and have just joined up to hopefully get out on a few cruises. I Have a 95 fireblade that is currently unreg'd and am currently on a CF Moto 650nk that has been lent to me.
    Cheers Rob

  2. Welcome Rob. Hope to catch up with you on one of the weekend rides. What are the plans for the Blade?
  3. Thanks, I will keep an eye on the cruises as I only get every 3rd weekend off. I would like to use it as my daily once she's back on the road.
  4. Fair enough, the Blade is a lot more tractable as a commuter than some of the litre plus brigade. On my way to work each day in the cage :( I am passed by a guy commuting on his early blade. It's got to the point where I think I know him. ;) Uncle Greg's Saturday Epic ride is a good half day if you get a Saturday off.

    I am also trying to gauge interest in an overnighter for weekend workers in the Ride and Event planning thread

    What about me? The plight of a weekend worker.

    Post up there if a mid wek overnight ride would be suitable for you.