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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jabba, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Hey guys! Long time lurker 1st/2nd time poster.

    I came here looking for advice on a learners bike for a larger fellow and have already committed a faux pas getting this thread locked... Sorry 'bou that :oops:

    So here I am, doing the right thing and introducing myself. I last rode an agi bike around 16 years ago and about to go for my learners next week. After that I hope I don't repeat my last bike experience which was flipping it over and it landing on top of me... It's likely that it wont if i keep my bike out of farm paddocks.

    Anyway sorry about being so rude lesson learnt. If my other thread (https://netrider.net.au/threads/looking-for-an-economical-learner-bike.176017/) could be unlocked that'd be awesome. The guys had been giving me some brilliant advice and suggestions!

  2. Hi there Jabba.

    It's one method for stopping scratches on your new pride & joy.;)
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  3. LOL, bad ass......... welcome and don't worry, I think we all have had a thread locked or moved.:)
  4. Thank you kind sir/madam/other.

    I'm beginning to think my wife is right. I am a massive jerk lol.
  5. what is that i see back there? is it a Suzuki GS500F? I think so!

  6. Look at me! All geared up and ready for the ride home. This is the first pic of me and my bike. Don't I look a handsomedevil? image.
  7. You can do more than the 5kph posted on the wall behind you, you do know that, don't you? :LOL:
    Welcome to the roads!
  8. Hell no I can't! This is our work car park and there are informers everywhere! early on we even had the senior manager sitting on a chair with a radar gun... seriously!

    Quoted from a memo sent out to all staff. click to read the last bit, it's hilarious!

  9. Well how about that, the first year has come and gone already. An epic adventure it has been so far!

    Seems a little sad though that I celebrate my first year with my bike and then go straight to counting down until I'm off my restrictions and then get my next bike...
  10. Welcome aboard :]
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  11. One year, you seem so much part of the furniture now that I am surprised. Happy Netrider Delurk Anniversary. :)
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