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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MarkF, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm from the South of Adelaide and have been riding motorcycles since I got my license about 30 years ago. I've owned many bikes over the years, mainly twins, and I currently own a Buell 1125CR, (but don't hold that against me).

    Anyway, looking forward to joining the many intelligent conversations that are typical of a motorcycle enthusiast forum such as NR. ;)

  2. Hey Mark, welcome.
  3. Welcome to NR , Mark ! I'm Adelaide South also .
  4. Thanks for the welcome fellers.

    All the cool people in SA live down South Goldy. :D Close access to the best beaches and riding roads . ;)
  5. G'day Mark, and welcome to Netrider
    More than fifty years ago I lived in Payneham (when it was just a couple of houses and lots of market gardens) and then Croydon. Lovely place, but punishingly hot in summer.....
  6. True mate. Summer down here can get a tad warm. As a Buell owner it's good to know your fuel tank is wrapped around your engine on those scorching days...:D
  7. Yeah mate , 5 min to the beach to the west , 5 min to the hills to the east !!
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  8. I'm on the wrong side, I would give anything to have a 5 minute trip to the beach.
  9. Welcome to NetRider, @MarkF!