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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bonehead, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Howdy people, been here for a week or so and thought i'd best say G'day.
    I've been on dirt bikes for a fair while now and about 3 months ago my wife had a spin on our son's g/f's bike.....and as they say, the rest is history. She now owns a dirt bike and a road bike so i'm in the market for a roady now myself. Seems a good site with a good range of topics.
    Cheers :beer::beer:

  2. welcome aboard to NR maybe you and the missus might ride down one time for sat morn prac, fair hike but you keep yourselves company on the ride
  3. Thanks for the welcome Goddie. Not sure how we'll go getting to the prac rides but will keep it in mind.
  4. Lots of people seems to have some dirt biking history, when I went for my Ls all but one person aside myself have been riding dirt. Where do you go and ride for fun? With a roady you just cruise up some twisties and go exploring, with a dirt do you head off to some designated tracks or foresty trails?

    Oh, and welcome :)
  5. welcome to NR. (y)
  6. G'day Micky, I'm lucky enough to have state forest about 500 meters from where I live so it's pretty easy to get out on the dirty and there's a good mix of open forest roads and heaps of gnarly 4wd tracks and single trail stuff.
    Plenty of good road bike stuff close by too, Walhalla, Licola, Grand Ridge Road, Great Alpine Road etc all close.

    G'day and thanks LL.
  7. That's awesome, have seen heaps of trails vids, those guys are damn crazy airborne every chance they get, must be sweet to carry over all the swifty controls from trails onto the road :)
  8. Hi and welcome to NR
  9. welcome bonehead from one NR newbie to another