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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by foot69, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. I was replying to a post in another section of the forum and it turned into a bit of a yarn about bikes I've owned. Thought it might be more appropriate here.

    When i started out it was trail bike or road bike.
    So i started on a 250 motosport trailly cos baby road bikes were pissweak..
    Then bought a Kawasaki S3 400 triple because it was cheap, and 2 stroke. it flew, but didnt handle. A mate had a Z650 kwaka so I thought one of them would be pretty cool, Saw an ad in the paper for a 650 kawasaki so went and had a look and rode home on a pre unit W1SS from 1966. Had a smidsy with an idiot and went to an XS650 yam, then another xs650 with a rigid frame that taught me how to avoid potholes and ride a bike that didnt stop or handle.
    The payout came through from the W1 and a trip to the bike shops ended up with a Z1R mk2. First time down the GOR on it and i was trying to keep up with a guy on a VF750F coming home the back way. Minor misshap with a closing radius corner and some gravel ended in a very scary trip between the tree trunks and down an embankment. Bent forks and throw the front guard to buggery got it rideable, although it took 4 of us to get it back up to the road.
    New forks and its beautiful again. Another so called smidsy a few months later, although the prick was looking straight at me the 3rd time he cut me off, and the bike was written off, Bought the wreck back for $500 and put the engine in an ex road race z1000mk2 rolling chassis I picked up out of the trading post.. Still with the z1r rego.
    Parked it out the front of a mates one night and some pond scum decided I didnt need it anymore.
    About 6 months later the insurance check came through and I bought a gsx1100. Rode it everywhere until i decided a trip to Darwin was in order so traded for a new DR600, information I got was a little misplaced, as the people I talked to said big trailbikes were the go for the territory, Got there and everyone is on big jap bikes..
    which brings us to about 1985..