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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by grfxninja, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. Hi guys and gals.
    I’ve been hanging around for the last couple of weeks and made the odd post here and there, but thought I should formally introduce myself.

    So, G’day, I’m Daniel :)

    I just finished my pre-learner rider training today at Newcastle. I did it about 18 months ago, but due to some unforeseen external issues, I was unable to get a bike at the time so ended up letting my learners expire without ever having got a chance to ride.

    Those previous issues are sorted now and a mate is bringing a bike down from QLD for me. It’s just a 2005 Intruder 250, but it’s somewhere to start.

    Anyway, I look forward to contributing if I can and hope to see a few of you out on the road.

  2. Welcome to Netrider, Daniel. : )
  3. The intruder is not a bad start at all. Congrats Daniel on the bike and the 2nd time L's :D

    Welcome to NR mate.
  4. Welcome to NR :) What part of Newcastle are you in? I lived in Thornton for a couple of years (worked in the CBD).
  5. welcome daniel! good to see you didn't let the licence expiring put you off :)
  6. Welcome Daniel. As they say, 2nd time lucky. :D
  7. Welcome aboard.

    We all gotta start somewhere. I started on a Marauder 250 - there were times I would have killed for an Intruder, Virago or Eliminator.

    (Don't you just love these tough names they give to 250cc cruisers?)
  8. Had to be someone come in from Newcastle to fill the gap i left :p.
    Nothing wrong with a 250 dude, welcome!
  9. love newy, grew up there, sun, surf, miss it big time, but the whether up there right now sux, careful on those roads mate, and welcome
  10. G'day Daniel. Nice to have you along.
  11. Hi guys, thanks for the warm welcome :)

    Just up the road at Raymond Terrace. Lived in Thornton for a while about 10 years ago -right across from the train station in Karuah Street.

    Take a lot more than that ;)
    Haha yeah. at least it sounds big and tough =D
    I'm a big fella mate, well and truly fill the gap ;)

    You're not wrong! Been raining almost solidly for a week :(
  12. You moved from Newy?? Where'd you go?
  13. He come up to help us bend bananas.
  14. Haha yeah, and im likely going to get my next bike just when the bloody rainy season starts up here ](*,).