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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ZX_Ninja, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. Howdy all, just joined the forum so thought i'd say Hi.
    Been riding for a few years now, my current pride and joy is a black 09 Kawasaki Ninja, ZX10R - i've had it about 4 months now and love it.

    Anyhow, I am a sydney sider (south west) and look forward to seeing some of you (in the area) around.

    PS - im pretty sure I've seen some of you around KK's in liverpool etc .. anyhow, catch you all.
  2. Welcome mate, we have a ride on Sunday at RNP if u want to meet some of us, will be over 30 bikes
  3. Netriders can always be found hanging around at KKs :LOL:.

    Welcome :).
  4. Dam you guys are quick to respond !!!
    goz, you know me mate :) ... think of where you saw a black zx10r last ... ill give you a hint, i took coffee over a beer LOL - I should be there on sat if all goes to plan

  5. haha i suspected it was you :) its sunday, not saturday, still trying to get tony to go but they dropped the r6 again
  6. Oh Sunday .. i dont know why I thought it was sat.
    Tony dropped the bike? How did he manage that !!!
    Im going to see some of the boys tonight, couple of the guys on their L's wonna do some prac then we might head out for a ride after that.
  7. dont know, said it was a stable drop, but no oggys :)
    u off to liverpool again? mmmmmmmmm hot dogs hehehe
  8. Hey thats not a bad Idea, harrys !!!
    Ill get one of the boys to call you once we know whats happening, im not even 100% sure yet that we will go out tonight.
  9. theres spics and specs of rain about, ill probably give it a miss, but would luuuuuvvv a harrys hot dog
  10. yeah we didnt end up going, instead 2 of the guys did a bit of prac for their l's test, I hung around and gave them some pointers. It did start raining towards the end so we didnt go to harrys.

    Spewing, you got me thinking about a hotdog now !!!
  11. where u showing the guys the MOST course, theres 1 set out at homebush with yellow tape
  12. Yeah it was the MOST course we went through, couldnt go through the whole thing as it got dark and started raining.